“The use of 49.3 is the opposite of an admission of helplessness”, specifies Olivier Véran

European 1

Guest of the “Grand Rendez-vous” Europe1 / CNews / Les Echos, government spokesman Olivier Véran returns to the recourse of article 49.3 to have the budgetary texts adopted. For him, its use is “quite the opposite of an admission of helplessness”. He specifies that France must have a budget for the coming year, “whatever the conditions”.

Twice, the government has used article 49.3 to have the state budget adopted as well as that of social security for the year 2023. Asked about the subject, the government spokesperson insists, at the microphone of the Grand Rendez-vous, on the fact that this use of the article is not an “confession of helplessness”. On the contrary, for Olivier Véran, this is a reminder that France must be obliged to have a budget for its coming year and that this is “provided for by the country’s constitution”.

“It provides that the use of 49.3, must on the budgetary texts, make it possible to ensure that France has a budget to collect taxes and pay salaries and public expenditure”, he adds.

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