the used car, a new vein in long-term rental

Always less. While long-term rental contracts (LLD) are negotiated within a few euros, alternative solutions are starting to emerge to lower costs even further. One of them is to substitute the used vehicle for a new vehicle. Created four years ago, Roulenloc has been offering used vehicle rental solutions to individuals and businesses since last June. Established in Savoie, the rental company is now in charge of 2,000 vehicles.

The price is obviously very attractive. For example, with a contract over three years and without contribution, a Clio 5 Intens will be rented 376 euros per month when it is new, against 296 euros when it is already a few months old. “Vehicles lose value mainly during the first year of operation, explains Philippe Botton, founder and chairman of Roulenloc. Then the depreciation follows a curve that flattens out. The risk on residual values ​​is then lower and rents more competitive. “

To be re-rented, the cars must have been subject to VAT. For this reason, Roulenloc obtains its supplies from specialized dealers whose flows come from short and long-term rental companies. The vehicles offered are 6 to 12 months old. “Previously, short-term rental companies kept their cars for a short time, explains Philippe Botton. Today, returns are made after seven to seventeen months. “

Immediate availability

These recent and reconditioned models have been serviced and require no more intervention than first-hand cars. They are still under warranty and do not have to suffer from obsolescence. Roulenloc works with dealers through preselection to obtain the most interesting vehicles. “The obsolescence and maintenance are not matters of concern for us or our customers, insists Philippe Botton. Today’s vehicles are reliable and 95% of problems come from electronics. “

With this formula, a vehicle can be leased for two periods over a maximum period of eight years. Each contract can run over four years or over interim periods that meet the needs of businesses.

Roulenloc works with VSEs and SMEs and interests drivers who want to have a vehicle of a higher range at an attractive price. According to the lessor, professional buyers and employees are less attached to the ownership of a new vehicle than to the use of their company car, whether it is used or not.

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