The vampires won’t keep you waiting very long. V Rising has a release date on PS5 and it’s coming very soon…

Game news The vampires won’t keep you waiting very long. V Rising has a release date on PS5 and it’s coming very soon…

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After a huge success on Steam, the vampires of Vardoran will very soon invade a new game console, namely the PlayStation. The V Rising release date on PS5 is coming very soon. Take out the crucifixes and garlic, because it will bleed!

Summary of all our guides on V Rising

V Rising, what is a video game?

For those who don’t know yet, V Rising is an open-world action survival RPG that puts you in the shoes of a vampire. The age of vampires is now over in Vardoran, the world you will be thrust into, except that vampire rule must resume. After centuries of slumber, your mission is to go on the hunt to regain your strength in order to restore the vampires to their former glory!

Solo or with other vampires, rebuild your castle and reduce humans to servitude to build a vampire empire. But be careful, because the latter are not going to let this happen; they will be accompanied by their valiant warriors endowed with power beyond the limits of humanity. However, they will not be your only threat; hostile vampires will have the same aspirations as you and will not hesitate to chase you… Who knows?

V Rising on PS5… When is it?

It’s only a matter of time before vampires invade the Sony empire. After long months of waiting following the success of its early access on Steam, Stunlock Studios finally announces the arrival of V Rising on PlayStation 5. It will be officially accessible on console on June 11.

However, this joy cannot be shared with Xbox players, because the studio unfortunately did not specify whether the Xbox Series S|X will be able to benefit from this port in the near future. However, there remains hope; Stunlock Studios doesn’t seem to have any reservations about this, according to an interview conducted by WCCFTECH. However, this will probably not happen right away, because they confided their desire to focus on the release on PC and PS5 before tackling that of another platform. Since Stunlock Studios does not appear to have signed an exclusivity contract with Sony, the door remains open for a bloody hunt on Xbox.

Will V Rising be cross-platform?

We would have liked to end this article with one last good news, except that will not be the case. The announcement of the PS5 release of V Rising will be followed by “bad news” which we hope will be temporary: the absence of crossplay.

Stunlock Studios announced that it would be unlikely to include this feature in-game. Thus, it will not be possible to share a game between PC and PS5 players upon release, at least for the moment. Despite their comments, the V Rising development team remains very attentive to their community. There remains a tiny chance, although it is much smaller than the release of the survival game on Xbox Series.

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