the Vaucluse prefecture limits fuel sales in the department

The Vaucluse prefecture decided on Monday to limit fuel sales at service stations in the department, until Thursday inclusive, in order to avoid phenomena of “preventive purchases detrimental to the proper functioning” of these stations.

To stockpile is to create a shortage. The prestess of Vaucluse calls on the population to be civic-minded and everyone responsible. She advocates civic behavior, to ensure that everyone’s needs are met, she said in a press release.

Throughout the Vaucluse department, the sale and purchase of fuel (petrol, diesel, ethanol, LPG) is limited to 30 liters for vehicles weighing less than 3.5 tonnes and 120 liters for vehicles of a weight greater than 3.5 tons, said the prefecture.

This limitation does not apply to public service or company vehicles carrying out a public service mission.

The sale and purchase of fuels (gasoline, diesel, ethanol, LPG) in manually transportable containers are prohibited (in particular jerry cans and cans) throughout the department of Vaucluse, added the prefecture.

In Marseille, some stations were closed for lack of fuel, others were still open or awaiting supplies during the day, AFP journalists noted.

In Marseille, in a TotalEnergies station near the Vlodrome stadium, the pumps had been dry since Saturday already, the manager told AFP, without wanting to reveal his identity, and he already knows that it will not be delivered on Monday. : I suffer from the situation, I am from day to day, he explained, disillusioned.

In the Var, there are no supply difficulties, the prefecture told AFP on Sunday. If certain fuels are sometimes missing in certain stations, this is mainly due to the weekend when there is no refueling, refueling taking place on weekdays, the same source added.

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