the Versailles Horse Riding Club takes care of the Swedish cracks

The hosting of the Olympic Games, from mid-July, is already making people happy in the boxes of the Versailles Horse Riding Club (CHV). Boléro du Coutil, Elfie du Trèfle, Gulliver de Rivendel and all their stable friends will go to the meadow ten days before their traditional return to nature planned every summer. Happiness !

None of them regret having to make room for several weeks for twelve of their peers, super stars called to defend the colors of Sweden this summer. “Only a few owners’ horses will remain at the center, specifies Cyril Turmel, director of CHV, but we have precisely organized the flow of their movements so that they never cross paths with the new arrivals. »

Unthinkable, in fact, that the Nordic champions would come across Versailles people prone to dermatitis, for example. Or, worse, walk in their manure, the parasites of which could contaminate these high-level athletes. However, when they return from their early turnout, the approximately 90 residents of the CHV will in turn be able to benefit from the brand new equipment, worthy of an Olympic preparation center. They will no longer be banned.

The transformation of the old equestrian center founded in 1954 is spectacular. Sweden made no mistake in reserving it for its equestrian team from the fall of 2023, winning against Saudi Arabia, England and Canada, also candidates for hosting. It must be said that the club had, even before the work carried out vigorously for several months, an invaluable asset: its geographical location.

The restaurant of the Versailles Horse Riding Club, May 31, 2024.

The first equestrian club in Yvelines, this green setting is located on the edge of the Porchefontaine forest, around fifteen minutes from the historic heart of Versailles and the Olympic stadium, located in the castle gardens, where the equestrian events will begin on July 27 . “This proximity will avoid excessive stress for the horses when they go to the official stables by van, forty-eight hours before each event”, believes Cyril Turmel. An experienced rider, he knows how extremely sensitive these competitive animals are and can easily develop ulcers and colic which quickly put them in danger.

Solarium and luxury box

Everything has been planned at the CHV to ensure maximum comfort. Despite the pouring rain which is hitting Ile-de-France in the spring of 2024, the club director is proud to present the renovated and modernized facilities of its secure enclosure.

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