"The Voice 2021": Marc Lavoine explains his famous glasses and has a surprise in store for viewers: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

He is one of the red threads that keeps the many viewers of The Voice. Either a sequence as followed as the strange positions adopted by Vianney in his red chair. Every Saturday, the looks and reactions of the jurors generate many comments on social networks. Coach of the tele-hook for the second consecutive year, Marc Lavoine accustomed the faithful of the program to a funny ritual. The coach has the notable characteristic of wearing prescription glasses, without putting them on the nose. Because, instead of using them as such, the artist on edge grabs them like a magnifying glass to better observe the candidates who seduced him and for whom he returned. Internet users do not fail to make fun of this astonishing mimicry, the coup de grace having occurred on Saturday March 6 when Line Papin's companion dared to superimpose two different frames.

A big surprise to come during the next auditions?

This attitude prompted our colleagues from Parisian to investigate the origin of this custom, the verdict of which was delivered in the Saturday, March 20, 2021 edition. And nothing was calculated according to the author of this unexpected gesture: "It's funny to read all the reactions, that amuses me a lot. In fact, I zoom in on the talents to get a closer look at their faces, and the artists they are ", said the interpreter of She has piercing eyes. Surprised by this buzz, he reserves a small gift to his fans during the next broadcasts. “At the start of the blind auditions filming, I went to see the director, Tristan Carné, and I asked him to capture these moments and make them a common thread. It has become a gimmick. And you are not the end of your surprises," at Yasmine's modest daddy announced. Let's open the eye, and the right one, to resolve this mystery!

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