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Pascal Obispo and Marc Lavoine are not only coaches of The Voice, they are also accomplices in life, despite a forgotten little quarrel. And the women of their lives are accomplices too! Julie Obispo shared a little terrace cafe with Line Papin, as one of her Instagram posts proves. Tuesday June 16, 2020, the young model (who has already posed for the magazine Current wife) has published a nice photo where she appears alongside the novelist at the famous Café de Flore, in Paris. “Small moment of relaxation with the talented and sunny Line Papin”, she wrote as a legend. A sweet message with an emoji "Hug" and an emoji "heart." If Julie Obispo remains very discreet, Line Papin is known and recognized. The 24-year-old author published her very first novel at the age of 20 in 2016: The Awakening. She then publishes a second novel, Toni, in 2018, then a third, Girls' Bones, in 2019. This last book was notably selected for the Pocket Book Readers' Prize, the La Coupole Prize and the Lycéens of Ile de France Prize.

Their companions, Pascal Obispo and Marc Lavoine, madly in love

Since he shared the life of Julie Hantson, Pascal Obispo is no longer the same. He entrusted it in the columns of Parisian in 2018: "Julie is the most caring person I have ever had the chance to meet. For five years, she has done me a lot of good. It highlights my qualities and helps me to erase my flaws. ” Later, on the set of C to you, he confided : “When I met my wife, my life changed. She balanced me, I now live in harmony, I became someone else and the tribute to women who profoundly changed our way of life, in terms of fashion, science, sport flowed from source." For his part, Marc Lavoine is also very complimentary when he talks about his partner. In an interview with Nikos Aliagas on his show 50 'inside Saturday, May 23, 2020 on TF1, the composer-performer spoke of the key moments of his career, which started more than 35 years ago, and took the opportunity to confide in his half, Line Papin. “She comes from a country called Vietnam, which is also the theme of her book Girls' bones, which was a success, it's a wonderful book ”he slipped. "And I'm delighted because when people have talent and they work a lot … I find recognition for his work natural and legitimate."

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