"The Voice": Vianney surprised by the invitation of a candidate to sing with him: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Vianney doesn't miss an opportunity to move from his chair. "You stop screwing your feet on the chair, okay?", wondered a user on Saturday February 13, 2021 on Twitter. "Vianney really can't be stable", remarked another. An inability to keep still that the interpreter fully assumes I am leaving. "I've had this since I was little, I don't like sitting around for too long. It's like that", he confided to our colleagues of TV-Leisure, Monday February 15. "I like to move. In life like that. It's hyperactivity. Nothing else". An art of being on the move which makes him want to jiggle whenever he can. The new coach of The Voice thus easily insists on accompanying the candidates backstage, or to come and greet them on stage …

Vianney on stage with a candidate

"Today's girls are too hesitant. They don't know what they want. They don't know how to say, yes"sing in Today's girls Vianney and Joyce Jonathan. Saturday February 27, 2021, Camelione, candidate in The Voice, proved that "today's girls"are not that hesitant … She first interpreted The mass effect by Maëlle. With her interpretation, she managed to convince two of the four coaches, more precisely Vianney and Florent Pagny, to buzz to try to have her in their team. But it was before making her choice that she created a surprise by offering Vianney to join her on stage to interpret Today's girls with her. The young woman, seated in front of the piano, then sang the words to the song, with Vianney singing at her side. And without the ounce of surprise after this lovely shared moment, she finally chose to join her team! An unprecedented scene in the history of The Voice which celebrates its tenth anniversary with this new edition.

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