The Voice: why Alphonse refused a song specially composed for him by Zazie

The countdown is on before the grand finale of The Voice. In an hour, the five finalists of season 13, Iris, Alphonse, Baptiste Sartoria, Gabriel Lobao, and Shanys will sing for the very last time on the Lendit studio stage.

Distinguished guests

Everyone hopes to succeed Aurélien Vivos, who will also be present this evening on the set to encourage them. The finalists will also sing duets with major French and international singing stars. Marc Lavoine, Santa, Lara Fabian, Soprano and Nemo and Loreen, both Eurovision winners, will be there.

Alphonse not convinced by the song composed by Zazie

The talents will experience another highlight this evening: each of them will perform a new song composed especially for the final. Alphonse, the youngest of the competition, will present Every time, a very swing song written by people close to his coach Zazie. The singer had initially presented a title to her talent which was unexpectedly not appreciated because it was too “calm” and too “posed”! “It was important for me to have something that swings and that really represents me. I wanted it to move! Having fun is also the principle of music,” he assured us during the rehearsals, two days before the final. confident. How did Zazie take her refusal? “I’m not in her head! Maybe she took it the wrong way. It may seem pretentious but I know what I want”, told us Alphonse, only 17 years old, but already very sure of himself!

Baptiste Sartoria will perform My dream, a melancholy ballad written by his coach Vianney. “It was turnkey. I still went to Vianney two or three times to listen to and record the song. I remained outside of this whole process because it belonged to him!”, he told us during the repetitions.

Gabriel Lobao will present In your eyes, a festive pop-sounding song composed by Daysy, who co-wrote the hit Those we were by Pierre Garnier. Shanys, comeback finalist, will defend himself on It is not normala song about incest written by his coach Camille Lellouche.

Iris, who replaces Adnaé this evening, will perform The storma title signed Olympe Chabert, the little protégé of her coaches Bigflo and Oli.

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