The Walking Dead: do you have to have the original series to appreciate the series about Rick Grimes?

Is it necessary to have all the episodes of “The Walking Dead” to watch the series “The Ones Who Live” with Michonne and Rick Grimes?

It’s been almost fifteen years since The Walking Dead universe expanded to television. The adaptation of the horror comic book gave rise to one of the most popular series of the 2010s, but whose influence has been reduced over the years due to a decline in quality and the departure of several emblematic characters. , including Rick Grimes.

The hero of the program played by Andrew Lincoln left the cast of the series during season nine. A surprise departure, but provisional since it was announced that he would return to the poster for a The Walking Dead film. Five years later, after several postponements, the project finally came to fruition in the form of a mini-series entitled The Ones Who Live.

Already more than 330 episodes on the clock!

The original series The Walking Dead ended in December 2022, at the end of its season 11 and its one hundred and seventy-seventh episode. Since then, two spin-offs have emerged, Daryl Dixon and Dead City, to which are added three spin-off series previously broadcast: Fear the Walking Dead, World Beyond and Tales of the Walking Dead.

That’s a total of around 330 episodes produced, representing roughly the same number of viewing hours needed to see all six The Walking Dead series broadcast to date. This could put off viewers who would consider starting The Ones Who Live without having seen the other series in the franchise.

But don’t worry, since it is not essential to have seen the complete The Walking Dead, or even the end of the original series, to embark on this spin-off. A summary also retraces for us the main lines of the plot at the start of the first episode, and in particular the romance of Michonne and Rick Grimes which began in season 6.


A different romance in the Walking Dead comics

Their love gave birth to a little boy named RJ (for Rick Jr.), but whose existence Rick Grimes is unaware of since the latter left the series before Michonne announced her pregnancy to him. Since then, Michonne raised RJ and his stepdaughter Judith Grimes alone, before a clue discovered eight years later confirmed Rick’s survival.

It is therefore not necessary to have seen the end of The Walking Dead, since neither Rick nor Michonne were present in this finale. The series runs parallel to the plot of the original series, and it is for this reason that the program can be understood and enjoyed by anyone who would like to watch it.

As for the comic book, it is also not necessary to have read it since the series has decided for many seasons to distance itself from it. For example, in the comic strip Rick Grimes does not form a relationship with Michonne, but with Andrea Harrison (killed in season 3 of the television adaptation).

Episodes of the mini-series The Ones Who Live can be found every Friday exclusively on Paramount+.

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