“The Walking Dead”: The end has come – and will it be a new beginning?

“The Walking Dead”
The end has come – and will the new beginning?

“The Walking Dead” is entering its final stage.

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The end of “The Walking Dead” begins on October 3rd. After the final eight episodes, things really get going for some of the characters.

The walking dead of “The Walking Dead” fought against it for a long time, but from October the AMC series will find its final end after eleven seasons. On October 3rd, the 24-episode large-scale final season will enter its third and final part, with eight new episodes waiting in the wings either on the pay-TV channel ProSieben Fun or on the Disney+ streaming service. But speaking of starting blocks: The main series may end in mid-November 2022 – but the franchise itself cannot be killed.

one last fight

As for the plot of the final episodes, it says: “While part of the group is in a life-or-death fight against the Reapers, in Alexandria, Mother Nature is testing the group with torrential rains. The world is literally collapsing. Meanwhile life in the Commonwealth is not as idyllic as it seems. While some find new hope, others are pushed to a point of no return. One thing is certain, life hangs in the balance and every choice threatens your future, drastically altering their survival and community.

Numerous alternatives follow

The undead will find TV food in abundance even after the end of “Walking Dead” in the years to come. Recently, for example, the surprising message made the rounds that there will also be a six-part “The Walking Dead” spin-off with Andrew Lincoln (49) and Danai Gurira (44). The original plan was to complete Rick Grimes’ story in one or more films. But Lincoln confirmed in July this year that those plans were on hold and the network is now ending the show.

“Walking Dead” spin-off number one, “Fear the Walking Dead” (since 2015), is also still running. AMC also announced another offshoot in March 2022 for next year. It will be called “Isle Of The Dead” and will revolve around the duo Maggie (Lauren Cohan, 40) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, 56).

Daryl has to go it alone first

Another double team, on the other hand, became a lone fighter. Originally, Carol (Melissa McBride, 57) and Daryl (Norman Reedus, 53) should also have their own series. However, following the announcement, it was said that McBride had dropped out of the project. “Unfortunately, she will no longer be a part of the previously announced spin-off about the characters Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier, which will be filmed in Europe this summer and released next year,” quoted “The Hollywood Reporter” in April 2022 from a statement by the broadcaster.

The reason is that the filming location has been moved to Europe, which is “logistically unfeasible for Melissa at this point in time”. But one hopes that Carol can celebrate her comeback “in the near future”. Thus, in the offshoot, at least at the beginning, Reedus’ character Daryl Dixon will probably be the sole pivot of the story.


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