The Walking Dead – The Ones Who Live: If TWD stays true to itself, then we already know the end of Rick Grimes


“The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live” follows old “The Walking Dead” traditions. If the new series stays true to the original, we already know how Rick’s story ends.

The Walking Dead - The Ones Who Live

The Walking Dead – The Ones Who Live (Source: AMC)

“The Walking Dead” is back! Or at least almost, because with the return of Rick Grimes and Michonne, “The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live” feels a lot like the parent series. Despite the completely new setting, a well-known TWD pattern is repeated in the new spin-off.

It was always the case in TWD that Rick Grimes and his group came across new groups that either became the big enemy that had to be fought or an ally, whose leader Rick ultimately became.

Rick Grimes, the leader of the Hearts

Rick Grimes in TWD

Rick Grimes in TWD (Source: Victoria Will/AMC)

Rick Grimes is simply a born leader in The Walking Dead. After he wakes up from his coma and finds the small group surrounding his family and his friend Shane, Rick promptly becomes the leader of the survivors.

This pattern also repeats itself when they find Hershel’s farm and meet Maggie and her family. But even in prison, in Alexandria, Hilltop and even with the Saviors, Rick is pushed into the role of leader. In the comics, he even takes over the Commonwealth after Pamela Milton is overthrown.

And if he doesn’t become the leader, then Rick can at least negotiate important alliances, such as with the Kingdom and Oceanside.

Will Rick Grimes now also take over the CRM?

Rick has now involuntarily ended up in the hands of the Civic Republic Military, a group that divides people into As and Bs. Aces are the leaders, the fighters and those who don’t follow the rules. Bs are the people who just want to survive and therefore become followers. Jadis promised the CRM with Rick a B, which then received an A. And Rick’s superior, Lieutenant Colonel Okafor, wants to take advantage of this.

Rick enjoys secret training from Okafor along with Pearl Thorne. He wants Rick and Thorne to take leadership positions in CRM to change the structure of the organization from within. Once again, Rick is pushed into a leadership position, even though he actually just wanted to go home to Michonne and his family.


The Walking Dead Quiz: Are you ready for the zombies?

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What was the name of Carol’s only daughter?

So it seems certain that Rick really does take on this leadership position. And if TWD stays true to itself, the spin-off will go even further. Because in the season premiere we see that Rick is no stranger to CRM boss Major General Beale, perhaps his most dangerous opponent to date.

Once Rick looks behind the facade of the CRM and learns how cruel the organization really is and that it simply wipes out innocent people, Rick’s sense of justice will definitely take over again. We predict that Rick Grimes will overthrow current CRM boss Beale and ultimately take the helm of CRM himself. At least until a suitable replacement is found.

Under Rick’s leadership, the secrecy tactics of the Civic Republic and the Civic Republic Military will surely be a thing of the past. The Civic Republic could become what the Commonwealth became at the end of the comics: a peaceful sanctuary for anyone who wants to live there. Regardless of whether “The Ones Who Live” is renewed or not, it would be a complete ending for Rick and Michonne.

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