The Watcher on Netflix: the end of the series explained by Naomi Watts

Criticized by viewers, the end of the Netflix series “The Watcher” has raised many questions. Actress Naomi Watts gives her version of the facts.

Warning, spoilers! This article discusses the ending of “The Watcher”.

Number one on Netflix, the series The Watcher signs a new success for Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan. The creators of Dahmer this time focus on another true story, that of a family targeted by a crow after arriving in a new home. Composed of 7 episodes, the fiction follows the couple’s descent into hell and the altercations with their strange neighbors.

As in the news item, the Watcher is not unmasked. The series ends with a real frustration. The disappointment is such that viewers did not hesitate to express their displeasure on social networks.

In the final scene, Dean, the father of the family, observes the new owners of the house from his vehicle. On the phone with his wife, he claims to be stuck in traffic after having passed a job interview. He does not know that his wife, Nora, is behind him in a car. In turn, she observes the inhabitants of 657 Boulevard.


The final plan of “The Watcher”.

For the media Entertainment Weekly, the actress Naomi Watts (Nora) returns to this decried end: “They thought the house would solve their problems, but it’s the catalyst for new problems that they hadn’t anticipated. Now they want to know who the others are. (…) It’s a cycle. They believed so much in this American dream with a fear of losing everything that this dream does not come true. It’s a vicious circle.

In the rest of his interview, the star explains that the whole team pointed the finger at each other on the set. Ryan Murphy wouldn’t reveal the ending to let his cast speculate. “It was fun, it allowed the actors to maintain a sense of mystery while we performed.t, explains Naomi Watts. Not knowing is what makes the charm of the series and it adds tension to the way we play. On set, our theories were as fun as yours.”

The Watcher is available on Netflix.

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