The way you walk as a couple says a lot about your relationship

The way you walk as a couple says a lot about your relationship

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Have you ever noticed how you walk around together? For example, do you hold hands, do you hug? That reveals it about your love!

Hach, autumn is here, and what could be more romantic than a walk with your loved one? Think about it: Have you already developed rituals while strolling? Do you hold hands or does he put his arm around you? Who goes left and who goes right? And do you kiss in public? It all says a lot about your relationship. We’ll tell you what.

How about holding hands?

No thank you: Oops, no physical contact at all when going for a walk? Well, it doesn’t have to be. You may just find it impractical. But it is likely that there is a certain distance between you. Because obviously the desire for the other is not so great that you want to touch each other while walking.

We always do: The thing is clear, you belong together and you want to show it to everyone out there. You do not master problems alone, but always in pairs. Hand in hand.

That is different: Sometimes your hands stick together, then you break the connection again. That shows your flexibility. You go through life as a couple – but remain independent and independent people. You regularly rebalance the relationship between closeness and distance.

Who goes left and who goes right?

It is always the same: You may never have noticed, but the two of you are a pretty seasoned couple. Everyone fulfills their role in the relationship and knows exactly what to do. You probably always sit the same at the dining table – and even in a hotel room you are always on the same side of the bed. Betting?

It’s always different: So today, so tomorrow – pretty relaxed and uncomplicated, the whole thing. You don’t impose unnecessary rules and constraints on yourself in the relationship. Why also? Everything is going fine the way it is. You can react spontaneously to problems and always find a solution together.

Do you kiss in public?

We don’t do: So shy? Or maybe just be the type “We don’t need to show our love in public”? Either way: you are a great team! You know that and do not need confirmation from others.

We do constantly, also very passionately: Spiderman and his MJ could learn something from you. Because you kiss in the morning, at noon, in the evening. In the rain, in the sun, upside down and in motion. You are just completely crazy for one another, you can hardly keep your hands off each other and you want to show your love to the whole world.

We do every now and then: A smack in between? You don’t do this to prove something to anyone, but simply because you think it’s beautiful. You save more intimacies for yourself at home. You think togetherness is much nicer.

What about his arm?

He always puts an arm around me: He wants to protect you and at the same time show everyone: My baby belongs to me! You like it when he is particularly close to you, gives you support and love – and you can fully rely on him.

No, that’s too uncomfortable for us: You both like it practical. If you need closeness, you just stop for a moment and hug each other. This is much too cumbersome for you when walking. Your motto: There is still enough time to cuddle at home!

Sometimes he puts an arm around me: Not that you need to, but every now and then it is good when he puts his arm around you protectively. With it you symbolize yourself and the outside world that you are a great couple. And you are right: you are always there for one another when you need each other!


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