The wedding cake that best suits your zodiac sign – video

Mirror glaze or naked cake? Multi-tier or cupcakes? Buttercream cake or would you prefer a cinnamon, apple and pecan cake with a baked apple filling? Choosing the right wedding cake should not be underestimated. But did you know that your zodiac sign can help you make this decision?

Planning a wedding often means pure organizational stress. In addition to the choice of the location, the perfect wedding dress, the buffet and other important decisions, the cake must of course also be right.

After all, on this special day everything should be exactly as you envisioned it in your dreams, right?

Wedding cake: the agony of choice

Some decisions may not be so easy for you, after all, the choice of options is immense. The solution? Your star sign! Because astrology can also help you with difficult decisions. In the video you can find out which zodiac signs are perfect for your wedding.


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