“The West is cynically using Ukraine and its people to weaken and divide Russia”

The “moral and historical correctness” is “on the side” of Russia, said the Russian President on Saturday December 31 during his New Year’s greetings, pronounced in the midst of the offensive in Ukraine.

The past year has been rich in “really decisive and important events” who “lay the foundations (…) of our true independence.continued Vladimir Putin, who was speaking alongside soldiers who had fought in Ukraine and whom he had just decorated. “This is what we are fighting for today, protecting our people in our own historical territories, in the new constituent entities of Russia”he added.

“We will go ahead and win”

The Head of State also denounced the “real war of sanctions” led by Western powers. “Those who launched it expected the total destruction of our industry, our finances and our transport. This does not happen “he welcomed, accusing Americans and Europeans of“cynically using Ukraine and its people to weaken and divide Russia”.

“The West was lying about peace and preparing for aggression. And, today, he is not ashamed to admit it in broad daylight. (…) Together we will overcome all difficulties and we will preserve the greatness and independence of our country. We will go forward and prevail, for the good of our families and for the good of Russia.”he concluded.

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