“The Wheel of Time”: First trailer for a new fantasy series with Rosamund Pike

“The Wheel of Time”
First trailer for a new fantasy series with Rosamund Pike

Rosamund Pike plays the Moiraine in “The Wheel of Time”.

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The fantasy series “The Wheel of Time” starts in November. Amazon Prime Video has now released a first trailer.

On September 2nd, Amazon has Prime Video a first teaser trailer published for the upcoming series “The Wheel of Time”. The roughly two-minute clip shows the first scenes of the fantasy action. Viewers can apparently expect epic adventures. The series is based on the eponymous series of novels by the US writer Robert Jordan (1948-2007).

Start in November

The story is set in a world where magic does exist, but only a few women can use it. The focus is on Moiraine (Pike), who is a member of the Aes Sedai organization and who goes on a dangerous journey with five young men and women. A fellow traveler is said to be a reborn dragon who is supposed to destroy or save humanity.

The first three episodes of the series should be available on the streaming service from November 19th. Further episodes then appear on Fridays – until the finale of the first season on Christmas Eve. The star of the series is the British Rosamund Pike (42), known among other things from “Gone Girl – The Perfect Victim” and “James Bond 007 – Die Another Day”. She also acts as a producer. Next to her are Marcus Rutherford, Zoe Robins and Josha Stradowski, among others. Amazon is apparently certain that the new series will be a success. A second season has already been confirmed.