The wife googles her boyfriend’s name – and discovers his secret family

She googles her boyfriend and discovers: He’s leading a double life

Google has revealed the double life of your friend (symbol image)

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Actually, the 25-year-old Priscilla just wanted to search for her boyfriend on Google. But what she discovered broke her heart: her boyfriend led a double life.

Everyone has probably done this before: Googled yourself and laughed at the appropriate and less appropriate results. 25-year-old Priscilla from Washington entered her boyfriend’s name in the search engine and found out that he leads a double life.

She probably didn’t expect this search result: What started with a simple search query on Google and old pictures of his football team from the past ended in the couple’s separation. Priscilla tells about it in a video on TikTok.

Valuables “lost”

“We were just on vacation together,” the 25-year-old begins her TikTok video. She is close to tears and explains that her boyfriend “lost” his smartphone and wallet there. That she no longer believes him today is made clear by quotation marks that she shows with her fingers. Her flight was before his. The young woman says: “When I said goodbye, he said: ‘As soon as I have a phone, I’ll call you. Love you. Have a good flight!'”

But when the 25-year-old still hasn’t heard from her boyfriend four days later, she becomes suspicious. She chanced to google him. She hadn’t done that before. At first she encountered normal, inappropriate search results, old football photos of him, and other unimportant things. But an entry below made her suspicious.

Your boyfriend has a family

Priscilla found an entry in a “baby register” from a supermarket just a few places away. With this register, parents-to-be can prepare for their coming child and get all the important things, get discounts and create wish lists if family, friends and acquaintances want to give them something as a present. The entry in the register was in the name of Priscilla’s friend.

On TikTok, she explains how weird she found it. Her boyfriend’s name is super rare and it should have been a great coincidence that someone in the same city had the same name. She does further research on social media. She didn’t have to look for her boyfriend there, because he didn’t have any social media accounts. For this she found the woman who was in the common register entry. Her Facebook profile picture showed her with a baby in her arms. A baby that looked just like Priscilla’s boyfriend.

Double life exposed

Finally, Priscilla struck gold on Instagram. On the strange woman’s account, she discovers family photos with her boyfriend and pictures of her boyfriend holding the child in his arms. She is shocked, screenshots the pictures and wants to send them to her boyfriend. However, the messages and calls don’t get through. Only the mailbox is answered. They only get through when their cousin calls and writes to him.

He knows now that she knows. The strange woman immediately blocked Priscilla on social media. To date, the TikToker has not spoken to her boyfriend. However, a conversation took place with the strange woman. As it turned out, Priscilla’s boyfriend had met both women at the same time, started dating, and started dating them around the same time. Then, after a few months, the other woman became pregnant. Still, it hadn’t occurred to him to break up with either of them. The 25-year-old ends the second explanatory video with the sentence: “My whole relationship was a lie. It sucks.” Priscilla will probably search her friends on Google regularly in the future.

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