The wife of Adrien Quatennens filed a complaint against the deputy

After two handrails for acts of domestic violence, Céline Quatennens filed a complaint against her husband. An investigation had already been opened.


The wife of Adrien Quatennens mentioned three separate facts, including two very recent ones, finally filing a complaint against the deputy.

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L’noose is tightening around Adrien Quatennens. The deputy’s wife finally filed a complaint against him for acts of domestic violence, after two handrails. A preliminary investigation had already been opened, according to the entourage of the Insoumis. Céline Quatennens “returned to the police station on September 26 to say that she wanted to change her two handrails into a complaint”, which relates “to the same facts, there are no new ones”, we have thus clarified in the entourage of Adrien Quatennens.

“She was summoned to formalize and clarify the content of her daybook. She mentioned three separate facts, including two very recent ones, finally filing a complaint, ”said a source familiar with the matter. “Her husband was summoned on the 26th [septembre] afternoon and was then able to be heard freely on these elements and these facts, ”added this source.

Adrien Quatennens will “not be” in the National Assembly on Monday, October 3 for the resumption of work in the hemicycle, indicated the leader of the Insoumis deputies Mathilde Panot. “No, he won’t. Because he’s dealing with the divorce, so he won’t be there,” she said on LCI. On the other hand, she did not indicate how long the absence of the deputy of the Palais-Bourbon would last. “He’s on the back burner for as long as it takes,” she said. “You understand that there is a human situation that must be managed in human time and not in media time,” she argued.

A preliminary investigation already opened by the Lille prosecutor’s office

Adrien Quatennens is the subject of a preliminary investigation, opened by the Lille prosecutor’s office as part of its “proactive criminal policy for the treatment of domestic violence”, after a first handrail filed by his wife, and revealed by The chained Duck mid-September. His wife had meanwhile filed a new handrail on September 24, his lawyer, Maître Jade Dousselin, said on Saturday, confirming information from France Info and BFMTV.

This new daybook “limits itself to evoking SMS transmitted by my client within the framework of their separation”, which “contain no message of a malicious or threatening nature”, specified the lawyer.

“My client was able to speak in the context of the ongoing preliminary investigation in order to reestablish a certain number of truths and bring enlightening elements to the file”, for his part detailed Maître Dousselin to Agence France-Presse ( AFP). “We hope today that Justice can continue its work while respecting the secrecy of the investigation to ensure its serenity and the search for the truth,” she added.

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In a press release on September 13, after the article by the chained duck, Céline and Adrien Quatennens said they had learned “through lawyers” that the prosecution had taken up the facts. Adrien Quatennens immediately stepped down from his role as coordinator of France rebellious, acknowledging violence against his wife in a statement posted on Twitter. He notably admitted having “gave him a slap”, “a year ago”, “in a context of extreme tension and mutual aggressiveness”, claiming to have “deeply regretted this gesture”.

Asked, the Lille prosecutor’s office did not react immediately to the announcement of the complaint. “For the smooth running of the investigation, it seems essential that it stay away from the media scene,” he commented on Saturday.

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