The winners of the aufeminin literary prize: what happened to them?


The aufeminin literary prize has been in existence for ten years now. But what happened to the winners of previous years? Have they published? What are their projects today? We tell you everything.

The 2020 aufeminin literary prize is launched. The authors have until October 26 at 11:55 pm to drop their news there. This is another opportunity to discover budding writers, real talents of writing. The previous years have already been able to discover a lot of talents. While the launch of the new edition of the aufeminin literary prize is underway, it has been decided to hear from the winners of previous years. Many of them took great pleasure in telling us how far they have come since their victory. Follow the guide, you may be surprised …

Laetitia Ayres, 2019 laureate

Laetitia Ayres is the lucky winner of the 2019 literary prize. She therefore had the chance to write her first novel, accompanied by the Michel Lafon teams. It is with the new Child at heart that she managed to win the hearts of the jury that year. On themes related to childhood and drama, Laetitia Ayres has shown great sensitivity. His first book will be available at the start of 2021.

Virginie Delage, 2018 winner

His news Between dog and wolf didn’t leave anyone indifferent, especially not the jury. In 2018, Virginie Delage won the prestigious first prize in the competition. This victory allowed him to collaborate with the editions Michel Lafon to write his very first novel, The village, which was released in February 2020! A nugget that we strongly recommend.

Matthieu Parcaroli, 2016 winner

In 2016, he was one of the three winners of the literary prize. Since then, Matthieu Parcaroli has not been idle as he published his first novel with Lattès, The cry of the crows. For him, the aufeminin prize changed his life, there is no doubt: " I have fond memories of this award and think it changed my life. It came at the right time: I had just finished my 4th novel and I was in full doubt because I could not find a publisher. I was able to discuss my work during this evening with editorial managers. " he told us.

Virginie Grimaldi, laureate 2014

In 2014, Virginie Grimaldi received the second prize in the short story competition. It was the start of a great adventure for her as she has since published many best-selling novels. His first book, The first day of the rest of my life, marks a turning point in his life. We capture the fascinating and tender world of the writer. It's high time to rekindle the stars was one of our literary favorites for 2018. Today, Virginie Grimaldi can be proud of her inspiring journey for many of the participants in the aufeminin literary awards. With a lot of humor, she told us: " Without the price, I could not tell everyone who crosses me that I am familiar with Tatiana DeRosnay. When our memories come to dance is the new novel by Virginie Grimaldi released this year.

Carène Ponte, winner 2014

His first novel, One too many thanks was released in 2015 and was very successful. Former winner of the 2014 edition, Carène Ponte released a new novel in 2018, Ifs and maybe, which discusses the story of Maxine, a roommate teacher who likes to live in conditional. She also maintains a blog with passion called Words and me. For Carène Ponte, the literary prize gave her a lot of self-confidence: "It's hard to be a judge of your own lines, so I needed that outside look to gain confidence and tell myself that maybe it was worth persevering. The fact that professionals in the publishing world choose my news, tell me that they liked it, that matters a lot. It gave me the courage and the energy to continue. (…) This is a price I dared not dream of. " she tells us. This year she published a new novel And your beating heart.

Elisabeth Brousse, 2013 laureate

If Elisabeth Brousse is now a recognized author, she says that she hesitated for a long time before participating in the literary prize aufeminin: " I was really scared to show my lyrics. It was the prospect of obtaining literary support that decided me. " Since participating in the award, her life has truly changed. His book, Dancefloor therapy, has had considerable success. Freely inspired by her experience, Elisabeth Brousse is incredibly touching with this book. She returns with humor and delicacy on her fight against cancer. We do not really emerge indifferent from this reading.

Catherine Rastello, 2013 laureate

Catherine Rastello is undoubtedly creativity in all its glory. An excellent storyteller, she also has a talent for drawing which she has already featured on aufeminin since her prize in the short story competition in 2013. Her illustrated literary reviews are a delight. We also owe him children's novels. The youth album Iris, for example, is quite an achievement. This is a book that she illustrated very well on the subject of difference and approached from children. It's poetic, authentic, and Catherine Rastello's pencil stroke is as charming as ever.

Camille Anseaume, 2012 winner

Camille Anseaume, winner of the 2012 aufeminin prize, is a journalist and author. His first novel, A little nothing, was also very successful. According to her, the aufeminin literary prize was a trigger and a dream opportunity: " The prize was the fertilization ’of a novel project that I had had for a long time. I wanted to, but I felt unable to make this dream come true: the competition and the meeting with Claire Germouty allowed me to respectively feel a certain legitimacy in getting started, and not to change. notice after two days. " This adventure was a challenge never encountered before for her. The pleasure of seeing that someone is expecting something from you. This is something that, for her, allows her to force herself to complete the project. His latest novel Four walls and a roof is an unnamed success.

Caroline Michel, 2012 winner

Author Caroline Michel and journalist and, after her award in 2012, she was notably discovered with My notebook flirt with her and me. A playful and, above all, humorous and entertaining book, Caroline Michel looks back on the different stages of flirting and our various relationships with men. We also owe the author I am sexopositive or still How to support Beautiful mom. Her meeting with professionals on the occasion of the aufeminin literary prize was an incredible chance for her to improve herself and bring a new perspective to her writing work. She explains : “Since the Prize, my writing has evolved – and without any pretension, I believe, in a good way: we have written for years and love it, nothing beats working with a pro. " Thanks to this crazy adventure, she managed to gain confidence in herself and her work. We love his novel 89 months. Must read!

Olivier Norek, 2011 winner

Oliver Norek is one of the most famous French writers on crime fiction. It was in 2011 that this former police officer tried his luck with the e-crire aufeminin literary prize. Today, he has many novels to his credit, including Between two worlds that we particularly appreciated as well as Area published by Michel Lafon : “Without the aufeminin literary prize, I would still be a cop, navigating between investigations and criminals. I know my life would be just as exciting and exciting, but this job as a police lieutenant, I have done for 15 years. So for the next 15 years, I want to trade my gun for ink! " he explained to us in an interview he gave us. This year, Olivier Norek will release a new novel, Impact, scheduled for October.

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