The Witcher 3 in huge game ahead of PS5 and Xbox Series patch

The Witcher 3 will soon be entitled to its PS5 and Xbox Series version, but before that, it will say hello in an ultra popular game. And it’s not the only one either.

Everyone is waiting for the great return of the witcher on new gen consoles. After being postponed many times, the PS5 and Xbox Series patch for The Witcher 3 is finally dated December 14. On the menu, a whole bunch of graphic and technical improvements and some new content, particularly related to the Netflix series.

The Witcher 3 puts the sword away and takes out the guns

But before all that, Geralt will make an appearance in one of the most popular games of the moment. You see it coming, it is indeed Fortnite, the famous battle royale of Epic Games as adored as it is criticized. The shooter loves and multiplies collaborations since its beginnings and after Star WarsMarvel, Tomb Raider or Batman, so it’s the turn of The Witcher to learn about online combat.

On the occasion of its new chapter, Fortnite will therefore welcome the famous witcher. You will be able to unlock cosmetic content including an avatar and emotes on the theme of The Witcher 3, directly in the next battle pass. But White Wolf is not the only one to land on Fortnite since one of Bethesda’s biggest licenses will also have the right to its collaboration with DOOM.

DOOM in co-op with the witcher

Yes, the ultra-violent Slayer from DOOM Eternal will also be present with his cosmetics in the next season. As for The Witcher, you will find all the items related to DOOM in the battle pass and/or by winning challenges. Failing to have the right to a new game, it’s always taken.

Chapter 4 of Fortnite has just started and still promises long hours of play and events for the year 2023. As usual, Epic Games has done things big to mark the occasion. The end of chapter 3 has us still full of peepers with an impeccable staging and mini-games at all costs. The most lucrative battle royale of its last years is not dead, far from it.

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