The Witcher Remake in advance, it promises for the future

Developed by Fool’s Theory on Unreal Engine 5, The Witcher Remake could arrive optimistically in 2026. But an unofficial version could beat it to the post.

On May 21, The Witcher 3 officially welcomed REDkit, offering all the tools necessary for modders to create whatever they want on CD Projekt RED’s masterpiece. In just a few hours, one of them took the opportunity to reproduce one of the largest cities from the first opus. The Witcher Remake and Fool’s Theory sweaty?

The Witcher Remake: REDkit Edition

Following the launch of REDkit, CD Projekt RED Community Manager Carolin Wendt challenged modders. “ Community, don’t disappoint me. I want to see the weirdest, most ambitious, most fan-fictional mods from all of you “. It seems that, in just two days, they have already happily responded. One of them, AngryCatser, notably reproduced areas from the first opus, including Vizima, the largest city of the venerable game released in 2007.

A speed of execution which commands respect, despite the rendering of the port being done, according to the modder himself, in a hurry. He admits that there is plenty of room for improvement, particularly visually. If such a recreation, despite its lack of polish, can be executed in such a short time, modders could well offer us an unofficial The Witcher Remake before its official version. Remember that this is developed by Fool’s Theory, on Unreal Engine 5. For the next productions under its supervision, CD Projekt RED has in fact decided to abandon its in-house engine in favor of that of Epic Games.

If all goes well, the Remake of the first opus could arrive in 2026. Fans of the now iconic dark fantasy franchise are of course also watching The Witcher 4. The release of the first part of a new saga in the universe imagined by Andrzej Sapkowski is however not about to be told to us by the Polish studio. The highly anticipated title should indeed enter production this year, for a release that still seems far too distant. Modders could, however, help us wait with an unofficial sequel of their own.

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