The Wolf Among Us 2 finally gives up on 2023

We’ve made the difficult decision to postpone The Wolf Among Us 2 beyond 2023. We know, it’s frustrating to hear. We started working on this project in 2020 and we are still determined to tell the continuation of the story of Bigby and the rest of the Fableville gang. However, this will take more time. As disappointed as you are to hear that, we feel even worse to have to say it. But the work continues. We’re committed to delivering the following fans deserve and doing what’s right for the game while protecting the health of our team. We appreciate your patience and understanding“, can we read in the press release published by Telltale Games.

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Can then bet on a release in 2024? Not even, Telltale Games is now reluctant to announce any launch window before having guarantees on it. Patience therefore remains in order for Jamie Ottilie, the current CEO of Telltale Games, who says he is aware of the expectations around this sequel, the first adaptation of Bill Willingham’s comic book remaining as one of the most appreciated projects released by the company. former Telltale Games. At IGN, the leader stresses that he is largely motivated by the desire not to sink into the crunch, to which the former Telltale Games had also succumbed, but the development has also come up against other recent realities such as the pandemic as well as the recruitment difficulties that have arisen for two years. Note that the team took the opportunity to switch from Unreal Engine 4 to Unreal Engine 5.

It is also confirmed that The Wolf Among Us 2 will be offered episodically like its predecessor, but Telltale Games aims to finish development on all episodes before beginning distribution. This year 2023 should nevertheless mark the relaunch of the Telltale Games label thanks to the launch of The Expanse, adaptation of the science fiction series in production at Deck Nine Games. The development of an as yet unannounced third game piloted by Telltale Games has also just begun, IGN tells us.

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