The world's highest-paid first female CEO

The CEO of Advanced Micro Devices reportedly earned $ 58.5 million in 2019.

Some will rejoice, still others will find that it has taken time, what is certain is that Lisa Su is at the head of the ranking of the highest paid CEOs of the S&P 500, established by Equilar for Associated Press.

Since its arrival in 2014 at Advanced Micro Devices ('AMD': an American manufacturer of semiconductors, microprocessors and graphics cards), the group's performances have only increased. A fact which is found in the salary of the brilliant lady, she thus received $ 58.5 million last year, a sum four times higher than what she received in 2018.

BFMTV explains that its base salary is $ 1 million, to which was added a performance bonus of $ 1.2 million. It also received $ 3 million in stock options and $ 53 million in stock awards. Data that make you dizzy!

In second place in the ranking we find David M. Zaslav of Discovery Inc, who received 45.8 million or 13 million dollars less. Robert A. Iger, CEO of Walt Disney completes this podium with a remuneration of $ 45.5 million.

Lisa Su's compensation is twice as high as that of the two other highest-paid female CEOs in the ranking, namely Marilyn Hewson of Lockheed Martin, whose salary was estimated at $ 24.4 million, and Mary Barra at General Motors Co., with a salary estimated at $ 21.3 million.

Despite this news, it should not be forgotten that pay equity is not yet in place in societies. As BFMTV recalls, 5% of S&P 500 companies are managed by women. "Their median compensation is higher than that of their male counterparts ($ 13.9 million compared to $ 12.3 million) but it is growing more slowly." The Associated Press also noted a 2.3% increase in increases for women compared to last year, compared to 5.4% for men.

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Video by Juliette Le Peillet