The Worx Landroid M700 Plus WR167E lawn mower test has joined our comparison

The Worx Landroid M700 Plus (WR167E) robotic lawnmower smartly integrates into the manufacturer’s ecosystem with its removable PowerShare battery, which can also be used to power compatible Worx tools. However, it is not just another tool in the range and comes with an attractive (although perfectible) edge mowing principle. We also praise its modularity which allows it to display a relatively low entry price, while offering options that can be used in particular for owners of regularly cluttered lawns. A complete and rather versatile robot mower, in short.


The Sileno City 250 is identical to the Smart Sileno City 500 we tested, apart from connectivity. It is also electronically restricted, so it can only mow up to 250 m² of lawn. Without a Wi-Fi connection box, it cannot be configured via an application either, but does not lose any of its qualities. Once configured correctly, this lack of connectivity is no longer really one and we can therefore completely forget about this small, very discreet and easy-to-maintain mower. A good choice for small lawns. We will turn to the Sileno City 500 if the area to be mowed exceeds 250 m².

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