The Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW200 surveillance camera is at half price!

Do you want to monitor your home while you are away? The Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW200 is currently at its lowest price thanks to this great offer. Normally on sale for €49.99, it drops to only €24.99 using the €5 coupon offered by Xiaomi. And good news, you can use this surveillance camera outdoors since it is water and dust resistant.

Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW200

Normally on sale for €49.99, the Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW200 is currently on sale for €29.99. But that’s not all since Xiaomi also offers a €5 coupon which allows you to have an additional reduction when your basket is validated. The surveillance camera therefore costs you €24.99 and you have the free delivery.

Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW200 is a model that can be used perfectly indoors and outdoors. As it is IP65, this surveillance camera can be installed outside because it is weather resistant. It is equipped with a high resolution sensor which allows you to capture images of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The large F1.6 aperture ensures optimal brightness, even when the lighting is low. Finally, night vision transcribes the images in color and with many detailsallowing you to see as in broad daylight.

By connecting your surveillance camera to the Wireless, you can follow what is happening in your home in real time. The motion detector is able to identify when a person is present and you receive a notification directly to let you know. You can also launch time-lapse mode to take photos at regular intervals.

In terms of storage, you have the option of adding a memory card or using the Cloud storage service. Finally, the surveillance camera is compatible with Alexa and Google Homeso you can use your voice to control it.

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