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The woman accused of killing her rival is still actively sought in the United States, while authorities announced this week that they had located her car.

She continues to evade the police. Kaitlin Marie Armstrong, an American murder suspect, has been actively wanted in the United States for several weeks. On Thursday, the US Marshals Service announced that it had located his car but that it had been sold on May 13 for $12,200 in Austin, Texas. It was in this same city that the next day, May 14, she flew from the airport. Her trace was officially lost on May 18 when she was seen at another airport, this time Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey. For more than a month, Kaitlin Armstrong has been under an arrest warrant. The 35-year-old yoga teacher is suspected of killing 25-year-old Anna Moriah Wilson. The latter, a distinguished cyclist, was found bleeding to death at her home in Austin, Texas, on May 11.

Investigators say Kaitlin Marie Armstrong killed the victim because she suspected she was having a relationship with her boyfriend, Colin Strickland, 35. The latter explained in a press release that he had a “brief affair” between October and November 2021 with the victim, which would have lasted only a week, the time of the absence of the suspect. He claims that during this period he was separated from his girlfriend, with whom he would have reconciled a month later. In the “New York Post”, a source however declared “Colin was a bastard and a womanizer”: “All he cares about is protecting himself”.

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Colin Strickland admitted to investigators that he changed Wilson’s name in his phone ‘so Armstrong wouldn’t know who he was talking to, while they continued their relationship’, and that he also deleted Wilson’s text messages “to prevent Armstrong from finding them,” reports KXAN-TV. In an attempt to solve this case, the authorities offered a reward of 5,000 dollars to which was added 1,000 dollars offered by the company Capital Area Crime Stoppers and 15,000 dollars offered by an anonymous donor.

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