The Young and the Restless: “Adam and Chelsea bring out the best and the worst in each other”, says Melissa Claire Egan

In “The Fires of Love” on TF1, Chelsea has been back in Genoa City for a few months. Always at the heart of drama, the comeback of Adam’s great love does not go unnoticed! Melissa Claire Egan, her interpreter, confides in AlloCiné…

In the credits of the Fires of love on TF1, Melissa Claire Egan has just reappeared! Indeed, after a prolonged absence from the soap opera, Chelsea made a resounding comeback in the intrigues…

For AlloCiné, the American actress looks back on her experience in the cult soap opera and shares her feelings about the evolution of her character, alone or with the men in her life…

AlloCiné: Which Chelsea do you prefer to play in “The Young and the Restless”: the perfect mother and wife or the scammer?

Melissa Claire Egan : It’s great to play the trickster as an actress. It’s fun to play someone who schemes and creates problems in this series! Although she has become a beautiful person and an exemplary mother, she remains a complex woman. So, of course, she causes problems but she also tries to become better…

Who do you think Chelsea will end their days with: Adam, Nick or William?

Great question, isn’t it? She has a great chemistry with each of these men…Adam and Chelsea share this great love story but there have been so many lies and disappointments between them…As for Nick, they also lived a nice relationship with ups and downs. As for William, they have a very complicated past… Because of all this, it is therefore hard to determine with whom she will end up! These relationships are in any case all very intense and complicated (laughs)

Isn’t Adam and Chelsea’s love toxic?

Good question (laughs) A lot of people think so… I think it’s also a beautiful love story. They have gone through a lot of hardships for ten years… They have a son together, they love each other deeply despite the many clashes on their way… They reveal the best in each other, just like sometimes the worst. So in a way, their love is maybe toxic… but I like to see it as an epic story (laughs)

Who do you think is Chelsea’s best enemy: Sharon or Phyllis?

Chelsea have always felt threatened by Sharon and have always been very jealous of her past with Adam. So I would say this one but it’s true that she and Phyllis confront each other a lot as well. They are both strong women who have confidence in themselves and who do not hesitate to annoy each other.

In the episodes in the United States, Chelsea is currently suffering from a deep depression. What was your reaction when you discovered this plot?

I was really looking forward to being able to play this. There is a real responsibility to speak correctly about this disorder which is spreading all over the world, with a lot of people who suffer a lot from it in our time. I wanted us to approach this theme with respect and reflection. I am honored to be able to tell this story. I hope it will touch people and help them not to feel alone.

Is there a plot you would like to bring to life at Chelsea?

I have just been served by an intense and beautiful storyline but I often laugh that I wish Chelsea had an evil twin! (laughs) It would be cool to experience that as an actress since it’s an emblematic soap opera thing. Maybe one day… But that would be twice the amount of work we already have so I don’t know… Maybe I’ll regret saying that! (laughs)

You arrived in “The Young and the Restless” in 2011. Do you remember your first day?

I was to work one day with the character of Cane (Daniel Goddard) and then only return two months later to William’s doorstep, pregnant with the latter. So I came that day, then I left to make my real arrival only weeks later! This first day made me want to continue right away, I was saddened to have to wait a bit!

But I felt mostly excitement. At the time, I had just left All my children, another soap opera in the United States. I already knew some people from The Young and the Restless, as well as the mechanics of these kinds of productions, so I was really more excited than nervous, even if there is always a bit of pressure when you start a new job.

“Les Feus de l’amour” will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2023. What does this mean to you?

It’s an honor to be in The Young and the Restless with all the teams that work on the show every day. I can’t believe I’m going to be there to celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary! I can’t wait and I feel blessed.

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