The youth of Max Boublil: guinea pigs, egg throws and a bad date


Tonight you will take. It was with this schoolboy song posted on the Internet that France discovered the comedian and humorist Max Boublil in 2007. guest of Culture Media Thursday, the artist lends itself to the game of the “pre-fame” portrait of Lisa-Marie Marques. The latter reveals anecdotes about the life of Max Boublil, before he knew the celebrity. Maximilien Léon Boublil, his real name, grew up in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. As a child, he spent his Wednesday afternoons with his nanny Albertina watching the series dallas.

Guinea pigs, a family affair

Above all, he grew up surrounded by pets: jerboas, mice, rabbits, and especially guinea pigs. Including one baptized, the most important: Coucoutche. A pet that his mother looked after very carefully. “We felt sorry for him because he is alone. He was alone in his cage. We decided to buy him a female named Margot. Obviously, they had children and they did a lot of children because the guinea pig fucks a lot”, explains the comedian.

Descendants for whom a home had to be found. “My mother organized dinners to try to place the children of the guinea pigs. And, once they were placed, my mother would go to their house to see if they were happy enough”, smiles Max Boublil at the microphone of Europe 1. “If they weren’t treated well enough, my mother took them back!”

Egg-ketchup nonsense

A few years later, between giving up riding lessons and windsurfing lessons, Max Boublil had fun calling his teachers at home and having pizzas delivered to them. But also to throw eggs out the window at passers-by. When the babysitter comes to see him, he pretends to do his homework. “I had a hairdresser downstairs from my house. And with my friends, we sat on the balcony and we threw water and other things on the heads of the old brushingées who came out of the hairdresser”, s he has fun at the microphone of Europe 1.

Very quickly, the young Max Boublil also began to shoot short videos in which he notably depicted himself in the process of murdering his nannies, with a lot of ketchup. As a teenager, he decided to register with an agency. models and started in advertising. Drugs against painful periods, Crunch, Yop… Max Boublil has a string of contracts. “I had this chance from my 17 to my 20 years to be taken in all the pubs”, he rejoices at the microphone of Europe 1. “Every time there was a casting to make a young in a commercial, I was that young person.”

A drunken date

Small roles in French TV series follow, before a slump. Max Boublil then squats in the dressing room of a friend’s apartment and then spends his days in a downright seedy bar in the 18th arrondissement. “It was an old-fashioned bar like in the 1970s. There were almost tramps and workers who played at 4-9 p.m. on the counter. We loved it with my friends”, recalls the actor.

It is this bar that he will choose to make an appointment with a young woman he likes. “And, at one point, there was a woman who pissed herself in front of her, she said to me, ‘Listen, that’s too much!’, and she left,” he laughs. An experience that did not prevent the young woman from seeing her suitor again. They are now married.

One of the first buzz of the French Internet

In 2007, things accelerated. Max Boublil decided to try his hand at the stage. To promote his show, he makes videos of humorous songs that he posts on the Internet. Of which Tonight you will take. The success was immediate: the same evening, the public flocked to his show.

“That time was crazy because it was one of the first buzz,” he observes. “It was on Dailymotion at the time and this song became a phenomenon: I was invited to all the TV sets of the day, the room was full, all the producers from Paris came, I was offered huge checks to make albums, to make shows, to be everywhere. I go from bum to the most prominent guy in Paris.”

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