The Youtuber Inoxtag is put in PLS by an unexpected visitor!

Some time ago, Inoxtag carried out a totally crazy challenge : spend a full week on a desert island. It was during the ZEvent 2021 that he included this unusual experience in the list of his sub goals and of course, the amount of donations had been reached.

The Youtubeur therefore kept his word and flew to Khotas Island, in the depths of Cambodia. Alone in the face of a sometimes capricious nature, Inoxtag had to survive for seven days, finding what to eat and above all what to hydrate. Despite the precautions taken by the young content creator, it seems that the water that allowed him to stay on this desert island caused him some problems.

An unexpected visitor

It was last night that Inoxtag tweeted having unfortunately caught a parasite. The latter would have settled comfortably in his belly following his adventure within the desert island, on which he would have drunk stagnant water.

A verse that would cause the Youtuber some intestinal problems, of which we will absolutely not give you the details… you can imagine.

The origin of the beast

As for the origin of this parasite, Inoxtag leans towards stagnant water, which he would have drunk during his adventure in Cambodia. It is true that, despite all the precautions taken to try to have water that was more or less drinkable, survival was essential. The important thing for the Youtubeur was to stay hydrated, because below 40 degrees, dehydration can strike very quickly.

Despite everything, Hugo Délire thinks that these stomach aches would be due with cow’s milk. His suspicions arose following the Inoxtag video “24 hours on the farm”, during which the young content creator visited a dairy farm. Invited some time ago by Laink and Terracid for a day at the farm, Hugo had fallen ill after drinking freshly harvested cow’s milk directly from the source. It is therefore possible that Inox suffers from the same disorder, who knows?

Fortunately, there are many treatments for this type of parasite, and regardless of its origin, the Youtuber will undoubtedly be on their feet in a very short time. In any case, we can’t wait to find Inoxtag in great shape after this misadventure!


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