“Then I’ll just take over the male part”: Sophia Thiel talks about her participation in “Let’s Dance”

“Then I’ll just take over the male part.”
Sophia Thiel talks about her participation in “Let’s Dance”

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Fitness influencer Sophia Thiel (28) is one of the most famous faces of the new “Let’s Dance” season. From February 23rd she will be dancing on RTL. For the popular show, however, as Thiel herself realizes, she has to break some of her habits. The bodybuilder, author and entrepreneur revealed this now in an interview with “Bild am Sonntag”.

Sophia Thiel: “Then I’ll just take over the men’s part”

Thiel says she has no previous experience in the dance sector, she reveals in the interview. She only took part in a belly dancing course once as a teenager. But according to Thiel, her hands-on attitude to life in particular could potentially lead to problems with “Let’s Dance”. “I often have the feeling that I quickly take the lead and control in many things […]. Leading and letting go is probably my biggest challenge on ‘Let’s Dance,'” she says.

Desire for a “stable” dance partner

As a dance partner for the popular RTL show, the muscular, professionally trained woman, who has more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram alone, wants a “big, stable fun cannon! Because he has to be able to lift me up too”. But if that doesn’t work, Thiel will also consider a completely different option. “Then I’ll take over the man’s part and lift my partner up. I should be able to lift around 70 kilos in just one lift,” said the sports ace literally.

The “Let’s Dance” introductory show next Friday will certainly clarify this question. Expectant dad Valentin Lusin (36), Vadim Garbuzov (36), Zsolt Sándor Cseke (36) and Alexandru Ionel (29), among others, are among the male dance professionals with whom Thiel and the other participants in the show can meet.


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