#TheNuProject: These nudes show how beautiful natural women’s bodies are

They wanted to make a statement against the prevailing ideal of beauty and they succeeded: The photographers Katy Kessler and Matt Blum took photos for her impressive “Nu Project” Women from all over the world. Without Photoshop, without trickery: just women who show their bodies, with all the characteristics and peculiarities, relaxed and in a good mood at home. Professional models are not welcome, all participants are volunteers who have contacted the photographers via the internet. “Anyone who takes part in a photo session receives the image files afterwards, and that’s it. Participation is completely voluntary,” says Katy Kessler when asked by BRIGITTE. The result: natural, authentic portraits of people who don’t care whether a wrinkle or a pillow is visible.

The result was overwhelming and the “Nu Project” photo book was a huge hit. Soon the two asked to continue their series. A request that Katy and Matt were only too happy to comply with and to travel to Europe with their photo project. A second “Nu Project” photobook will be released soon (which you can already pre-order here), but that’s not all: Matt and Katy also call for participation via social media. Anyone who wants to take part can post a selfie on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – using the hashtag #TheNuProject, the images then form another total work of art that shows how different and yet wonderful women’s bodies are (attention: genitals and nipples are not allowed on Facebook, which must be taken into account when making the pose).

Whether on social media or in the illustrated books: The recordings of the “Nu Project” are always worth seeing and demonstrate how absurd the idea of ​​the one “perfect bikini figure” is.

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