Theradiag appoints an independent expert to examine Biosynex’s offer

Photo credit © Reuters

( — The Board of Directors of Theradiag has appointed the firm Crowe HAF by as independent expert within the framework of the draft voluntary public purchase offer filed by Biosynex.

Indeed, on September 23, Biosynex filed with the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) a draft voluntary public tender offer in cash for the shares of Theradiag that it does not hold, at a price of 2. 30 euros per share. As the Board of Directors of a company specializing in in vitro diagnostics is made up of only two independent members, it was not possible to set up an ad hoc committee. In this context, in application of the AMF General Regulations and subject to the absence of opposition from the institution, Theradiag’s Board of Directors met. It appointed Crowe HAF, represented by Olivier Grivillers and Maxime Hazim, as independent expert responsible for drawing up a report on the fairness of the financial conditions of the offer. Since the AMF did not object to this designation, it has now taken effect.

Jacques Azancot, independent director of Theradiag, will monitor the work of the independent expert within the framework provided for by the applicable regulations.

Theradiag’s Board of Directors will meet again to issue a reasoned opinion on the interest of the offer and its consequences for the company, its shareholders and its employees, after having read the independent expert’s report.

Theradiag shares are currently at the offer price, ie 2.30 euros. The Biosynex share is at a price of 13.17 euros.


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