Theradiag: Christian Policard is appointed chairman, Simon Davière managing director – 03/01/2023 at 18:02

(AOF) – The Theradiag Board of Directors has decided to appoint Christian Policard as Chairman to replace Pierre Morgon, who has resigned, and Simon Davière as Chief Executive Officer to replace Bertrand de Castelnau, who has also resigned, from March 1, 2023. Pierre Morgon believes that Theradiag “is now on the threshold of profitability and fully prepared for its future expansion”.

Christian Policard, 74, is a biophysicist, former founding partner of Biotech Développement Conseils, an international biotechnology consulting firm that supports innovative companies worldwide. He is now a senior partner at Global Close Alliance (GCA), a global technology consulting firm present in more than fifty countries. He currently sits on the Boards of Vidac Pharma (Israel), RDS (Strasbourg), HTID (Paris) and Technion (Paris-Haifa). He was executive vice-president and member of the global strategic committee of Sanofi, Chairman of Cellectis, director at the Institut Pasteur but also a venture capitalist and participated in the creation of numerous companies in France, Israel and the USA.

Simon Davière, 39, holds an engineering degree in Biological Engineering from the University of Technology of Compiègne as well as a Master’s degree in Biotechnology from the University of Technology of Lille. He has a solid professional experience of nearly 15 years in the industry of in vitro diagnostics and personalized medicine, particularly in the field of chronic inflammatory diseases. He began his career at Euroimmun before joining Theradiag where he held several managerial positions in marketing and medico-marketing, including heading the Theranostics Business Unit.


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Loss of speed in European research

European research is losing ground to American and Chinese research. In twenty years, Europe’s share has fallen from 41% to 31% in global R&D. China’s share jumped from 1% to 8%. As for the United States, which supplanted Europe, in 2001 it devoted only 2 billion euros per year more than Europe to R&D, whereas now this gap has reached 25 billion! Some experts accuse the European authorities of not having deployed effective policies. The financing of pharmaceutical research should therefore have been better targeted via the “Horizon 2020” programme. France only comes in eighteenth position in European funding despite the quality of its research. Conversely, the United States concentrates funding on Boston and a few centers of excellence.

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