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Therapeutic treatments to cure people with Covid-19 and to fight the spread of variants should soon emerge. Great news in the fight against the coronavirus.

Forget the chloroquine. Many laboratories are developing therapeutic treatments to fight Covid-19 even more effectively. Advances for medicine, which wishes to better manage patients infected with variants. For now, only three treatments are recommended by the WHO and more are in preparation. Those that already exist are aimed at patients with severe HIV infection, and among them are dexamethasone, tocilizumab and sarilumab.

Among these people at serious risk, we find the immunocompromised As indicated The Parisian, The High Authority for Health announced in early August that if their vaccination was not effective, they could receive, as a preventive measure, Ronapreve, a treatment with monoclonal antibodies. This treatment, which was administered to Donald Trump during his hospitalization in October 2020, is expected to hit the market by the end of the year and will be available to everyone. For its part, the pharmaceutical group AstraZeneca is also working on a treatment based on synthetic antibodies that would reduce the risk of developing a symptomatic form of the virus.

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A supplement but not an alternative to the vaccine

Many biotech companies are embarking on research and France has already given its confidence to one of them, Xenothera. Last May, 30,000 doses of a polyclonal antibody were pre-ordered. His clinical results will be known in September.

If these new forms of fight against the virus can please us, they are in no way an alternative to vaccines. The Directorate General of Health wished to recall that these treatments “do not replace vaccination which must remain the preferred option”.

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