There are great bots on Reddit and the platform will help you create more

Louise Jean

August 18, 2022 at 12:40 p.m.


redditbot © reddit


Reddit will create a development platform dedicated to bots, and offers Redditors to test the beta version.

This new platform will be specially dedicated to the hosting and development of bots on the famous community site. Already famous, Reddit bots will now receive special attention from the site.

What are Reddit bots?

Reddit bots are internet software that simulate human activity, perform tasks, answer questions, etc. They are developed by the platform’s user communities. For example, there are bots that send reminders, translate posts, automatically convert posted videos into downloadable content or even copy/paste tweets automatically.

These bots are sometimes useful, ingenious, funny. One of them makes content on the platform accessible to visually impaired people, while another converts posts into “Yoda” syntax. Others simply monitor your spelling or provide tools to enforce community guidelines.

A new portal to help developers build bots

So Reddit has chosen to invest in the inventiveness of its users. The platform opens a new portal that will offer tools for developers, as well as software extensions to facilitate the creation and pooling of development resources. Developers will be able to enjoy a studio space where they can test their new bots. Currently, Redditors are tinkering with few resources and even less support.

This toolbox will first be tested by Reddit: if you want to be among the first Redditors on this portal, you just have to register on a waiting list which is already available on the site

Source : The Verge

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