“There is a certain nostalgia…”: Nelson Monfort, very moved, said goodbye to Roland-Garros

Solène Delinger
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12:05 p.m., June 10, 2024

Sunday June 9, Nelson Monfort said goodbye to Roland-Garros, a tournament he has followed for more than 30 years and whose history he made with his bilingual interviews translated live. At 71, the sports journalist was forced to retire.

It’s a page that is turning for Nelson Monfort. After 37 years of good and loyal service, the France Télévisions sports journalist said goodbye to Roland-Garros on Sunday June 9, just after Alcaraz’s victory against Zverev in the final of the tournament. “For my last Roland-Garros tournament, in these circumstances, I was really served, it was a wonderful match,” commented Nelson Monfort, who marked the history of French internationals with his bilingual interviews translated live. His colleagues paid tribute to him all day.

“Youth is a state of mind”

“Your mark here is indelible, you leave a visible, uncontested and indisputable trace. It is unanimous, there is not an arbiter who will get off his chair to check this trace,” said journalist Olivia Leray, who told him dedicated his column. Very touched by these words, Nelson Monfort was also entitled to a small tape recorder looking back on the highlights of his career at Roland-Garros. “This tournament is about cheerfulness, the joy of living and the importance of transmitting this happiness,” reacted the journalist, who would have liked to return next year. Unfortunately for him, it is impossible to work in public broadcasting beyond the age of 70. This rule is included in the regulations. “Youth is not a question of age, youth is a state of mind,” he stressed. “I completely have that in me. There is a certain nostalgia today. There is perhaps a page that is closing but there are many others that will open I think.”

Nelson Monfort soon back for the Paris Olympics

France Télévisions viewers will soon find him on the air for the Paris Olympic Games. “I am very grateful to the management of our channel because we have been broadcasting this Roland-Garros tournament for more than 30 years in unique conditions. We can be proud and happy about it,” he concluded very much. of elegance.

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