There is a ludicrous offer: Messi makes a surprising transfer turnaround

Crazy offer is available
Messi makes surprising transfer turnaround

For weeks it looks like Lionel Messi will follow his old rival Cristiano Ronaldo and also move to Saudi Arabia. It’s still not entirely out of the question, but apparently the world champion is taking an extremely lucrative intermediate step.

Surprising turnaround: soccer world champion Lionel Messi will not move to Saudi Arabia for the time being, according to a report by “The Athletic”. A transfer to Al-Hilal is “out of the question”, but he either wants to switch back to his heart club FC Barcelona or to the USA. Accordingly, Major League Soccer and Inter Miami, co-owner David Beckham, are trying to bring the seven-time world footballer to the United States after his end at Paris St. Germain. Previously, Goal and Spox also reported that Messi had asked to delay his move to Al-Hilal until 2024.

The league has become very creative with all of this, “everything is on the table,” said an MLS representative “The Athletic”. The MLS offer to Messi therefore includes payments from the two biggest league sponsors. The MLS and the tech giant Apple want to offer Messi a share of the streaming revenues. Apple and MLS signed a 10-year, $2.5 billion deal earlier this month.

Twitter video fuels Barça rumours

Apple also announced on Tuesday that it would broadcast a four-part documentary series covering Messi’s five World Cup appearances. Adidas, one of the biggest MLS sponsors, is said to be preparing its own agreement. They offer Messi a profit-sharing deal with the sportswear giant. Messi already has a lifetime contract with the German company.

On Monday, a short video in Spain had once again fueled speculation about Messi’s return to Barcelona. Sports journalist Toni Juanmartí posted footage on Twitter showing Messi’s father and manager Jorge entering the home of Barça club boss Joan Laporta on Monday.

After two seasons at Paris St. Germain, the seven-time world footballer is leaving the French champions in the summer. The Argentine’s contract expires on June 30 and Messi can then move on a free transfer. According to media reports, Al-Hilal is offering Messi an annual salary of well over 300 million euros. Payments of up to 500 million euros per year were also reported. In Saudi Arabia he would have met his eternal rival Cristiano Ronaldo and world footballer Karim Benzema, among others. Other aging stars like Sergio Ramos, Busquets or Jordi Alba could follow. They are also being courted.

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