There is no cup for it: Crisis club Hertha BSC is club world champion

There is no trophy for that
Crisis club Hertha BSC is club world champion

Only football writes such stories. During the week, Hertha BSC has to cope with a major setback. CEO Carsten Schmidt is drawn back to Munich. With only two wins out of seven games, things are also looking bad from a sporting point of view. But suddenly Hertha is world champion.

It is thanks to Eintracht Frankfurt that the Bundesliga will continue to provide the (unofficial) club world champions in the future. The 1: 2 defeat in the title duel against crisis club Hertha BSC leaves the UFCC title for a few more weeks in Germany. Otherwise, he could have moved to Greece next Thursday after Eintracht’s game in the UEFA Europa League against Olympiacos. That doesn’t happen now. Hertha BSC is now defending the title against Borussia Mönchengladbach and could keep it in the country for many years in the following cup game against the regional league team Preußen Münster. All it takes is a bankruptcy in the Prussian stadium. This is realistic in the Hertha Cup history.

You may be wondering what we are talking about here again? Hertha BSC is world champion? The clickbait at is also getting worse and worse. Do not worry: it is not. Here only a few statistics fans have transferred the old boxing principle to football. There is only one title and it is defended in every game.

The unofficial Club World Cup has been followed up by a handful of nerds from England and Germany since 2004. Starting from the first goal scored in an FA Cup game between Upton Park and the Clapham Rovers on November 11, 1871, the World Cup has been going on week after week. The Wanderers followed the Clapham Rovers, the first title holder. Meanwhile, title match 5200 is heading towards. The game Hertha BSC against Gladbach will be match number 5188. If the foals from the Lower Rhine win, Bayern could recapture the title in the cup.

From chaos club to title holder

At Hertha BSC no one commented on the World Cup after the game, after long weeks of crisis they were relieved about the success in Frankfurt. Coach Pal Dardai should therefore have a little more time to trim the capital club for success. During the week he had taught his players the basics of the game and listened to them. “Sometimes it was like kindergarten – so, where do you have to go, what do you have to do?” Is how he described the process during the international break. “Thanks to the guys for the tactical discipline. It’s great that we took advantage of these two weeks. Everyone did well. We are very happy.” Happy about the goals of newcomer Marco Richter and super joker Jurgen Ekkelenkamp, ​​who scored a few minutes after coming on, and happy about the break in the table.

For Frankfurt it was not only the first home defeat since June 2020, but also an unexpected relapse after the 2-1 sensation at Bayern Munich that brought the Adler the title of world champion. “We are all to blame for this defeat, I do not want to pass it on to the players in any way. It was too little, from me too. I could have intervened in the game a little earlier,” complained coach Oliver Glasner after the game and dismissed on the Colombian Rafael Borré. He had the most shots on goal for Frankfurt in just 30 minutes of play. Glasner said: “I can stop talking then.” At that time he didn’t know anything about the lost world championship title. Hopefully he’ll never find out. It was a strategic masterpiece for German football. For Hertha BSC it was the unreal change from the chaos club to the best club in the world.

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