“There will be a Z Event”: the charity video game marathon returns after a year of hiatus

Adrien Nougaret, aka Zerator, confirmed the return of the Z Event in 2024, after a one-year hiatus. Each year, the charity video game marathon raises significant sums for various causes.

The Z Event is back. After a one-year hiatus, the event will return in 2024. This was announced on March 12 by Adrien Nougaret, aka Zerator, during his appearance on Popcorn, the show organized on Twitch by Pierre-Alexis Bizot, alias Domingo. “ There will be a Z Event this year. We are working on it “, declared the person concerned.

Details of the Z Event 2024 are not known at this stage, whether it be the date, format, duration, guests or cause supported. Zerator indicated on set that it was still too early to reveal the outlines of this new edition. However, it should keep the same bases, namely a charity marathon around video games.

Since 2016, the date of the first Z Event (it was then called Avengers Project), the event had always taken place annually. Each year it grew in size: more and more guests, activities extending well beyond video games and donation records broken each time. In 2022, the sum will exceed 10.1 million euros.

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The Z event of September 11, 2022

A hectic edition of Z Event 2022

2023 was a break after seven years in a row. It was time for the organizers to take a break. Zerator in particular wanted to take advantage of this break to think about the future of the Z Event, and how to transform it. Today, we do not know whether the next edition will reflect these reflections.

For the organization, it was also an opportunity to give itself a little breathing room. 2022 was marked by a controversy concerning the association initially chosen. She eventually jumped ship, replaced by five other organizations after a community vote. Emmanuel Macron’s intervention, to congratulate the Z Event, also caused a stir.

ZEvent 2022 // Source: ScreenshotZEvent 2022 // Source: Screenshot
ZEvent 2022. // Source: Screenshot

It was also a good opportunity to ease the pressure around donations. Since the first edition, and the 170,000 euros raised, the Z Event has each time surpassed the amount of the previous year. This was confirmed in 2022 as well, but only just. Inevitably, the Z Event 2024 will be compared to previous editions.

The 2022 edition of the Z Event was the opportunity to organize a French-style “pixel war”, taking inspiration from Reddit Place, a community game which has been organized so far in 2017, 2022 and 2023. Of course, the streamers also battled with pixels, before creating a collaborative fresco.

Presumably, the Z Event 2024 should be organized rather at the end of the year, between September and November. This is the period favored by the organizers since the Z Event 2018. Before that, Zerator will have other events to host, notably the Z LAN, a competition whose return in 2024 was made official in the process.

Source: Z LANSource: Z LAN
Z LAN will take place from May 10 to 12. // Source : Z LAN

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