There’s a clever way to access forbidden areas in Elden Ring

A fan ofElden Ring found a trick to climb to forbidden places: Malenia’s weapon is linked to a power that allows you to move with more freedom.

While waiting for the launch of the extensionElden Ring, made official after the first anniversary, some fans continue to explore FromSoftware’s RPG in every corner. We weigh our words: thanks to a very clever technique, an enthusiast has managed to reach โ€œ a super secret area โ€œ, located under Leyndell, the royal capital. He shared a clip of his achievement on March 11, in a subject accessible on Reddit.

The twist of this discovery? There is obviously nothing to be found in the location accessed by the respondent as Gullible-Count-3516. Which, moreover, makes many observers say that this is not a ” super secret area ยป ofElden Ring, but from a place located outside the limits provided by the developers (the sets remain modeled despite everything, which makes the exploration believable). However, in normal times, a FromSoftware game is supposed to kill anyone who goes into forbidden areas. This is not the case with this one.

Another story related to Malenia. // Source: YouTube screenshot

How Malenia can help move better in Elden Ring

If we put aside the discovery which can be disappointing, we have to recognize that we can still underline the technique used to move with ease in Elden Ring. Gullible-Count-3516 uses Malenia’s weapon, the most formidable and popular boss in the game (some still have nightmares about it). The katana, called the Hand of Malenia, is linked to a power that mimics the character’s most powerful attack: the Blade Dance.

The Blade Dance is one of the techniques used by Malenia to do maximum damage to you during the confrontation (it is synonymous with instant death, or close). Obtaining it is obviously a reward for having defeated the recalcitrant enemy in order to pour out its power on the other obstacles in front of us.

However, the Blade Dance can also be diverted in order to reach places that cannot be accessed. This is shown in the clip of Gullible-Count-3516, which only triggers the attack to cover more or less long distances in a vacuum. This allows you to make big jumps, knowing that you can easily steer yourself and that the sequence slows down the fall. This is why it is possible to end up under Leyndell. We also imagine that the Dance of the Blades potentially makes it possible to pass several key stages of the game โ€“ in particular in the New Game Plus parts (those that we start again while keeping everything that we have unlocked before).

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