Thermomix Alternative: These 7 models are incredibly good

A Thermomix alternative is not easy to find. However, we have discovered 7 models that can compete with the super device – and are even cheaper.

The Thermomix is ​​probably the most hotly sought-after kitchen appliance currently on the market. A number of recipe ideas with a specified guarantee of success, quick preparation of complex dishes, various cooking modes and functions make the device stand out, as does its steep price of almost 1400 euros. But does it really have to be that expensive to heat, cook, ferment, caramelize, emulsify, knead, grind, cook, heat, mix, stir or chop? We went in search of devices that are priced below the Thermomix, but can definitely keep up with the all-rounder in terms of their functions.

These devices are a good Thermomix alternative

Models under 250 euros

IKOHS Chefbot Compact

The multifunctional cooking robot from IKOHS impresses with its compact design and a total of 23 functions and ten speeds with turbo. In addition, the Chefbot Compact a book with 100 new recipes, supplemented with tips and tricks to be able to prepare something for every taste. You can set the cooking temperature between 37 and 120 degrees, depending on what you want to cook. Another plus is the absence of BPA and other toxic substances in the materials. The accessories are also dishwasher safe.

Price: 249.95 euros

Klarstein Grand Prix

Many functions and good quality have their price? Right but Klarstein’s Grand Prix proves that it can also be done cheaply. In addition to a number of interchangeable mixing attachments, a 2.5 liter stainless steel bowl and a 500 watt motor, the kitchen appliance offers even more advantages. This includes a plantar stirring system, whereby the stirring elements rotate around their own axis and the mass can thus be optimally mixed. The quick-release system ensures that the accessories can be changed without effort. The model has a splash guard and offers 12 power levels.

Price: 249.99 euros

Models under 500 euros

Cecotec multi cooker Mambo 10090

The multi cooker Mambo 10090 from Cecotec crushes, chops, juices, mashes, paints, heats, roasts, powders, grates, stirs, beats, mixes, boils, kneads, steams, boils, ferments, keeps warm and cooks extra slowly – depending on what you use to prepare your food just needs. The steel jug is rustproof and dishwasher safe, and thanks to the boiling basket, you can prepare four meals at the same time. The slow mambo movement makes it possible to cook at a low temperature level, and when using the turbo, a lock protects your kitchen from splashes. With the help of the Security Check System, cutting and mixing knives can be removed ideally and safely in order to clean them.

Price: 299.00 euros, otherwise 399.00 euros

Moulinex HF4568 Click Chef

the Click Chef by Moulinex runs at 1400 watts and offers a total of 12 speed levels. The 28 functions and around 200 recipes make preparing food super easy for you. You can either choose one of the five automatic programs or the manual mode and thus cook various dishes in the 3.6 liter bowl. In addition to an integrated scale, a mixing knife, a milk attachment, a whipping attachment, a steamer insert, a spatula and an operating manual are also supplied. External accessories are also dishwasher safe.

Price: Currently 365.99 euros, otherwise 449.99 euros

Kenwood Kcook Multi CCL401WH

With the Kenwood Kcook Multi you can work with heat levels between 30 and 180 degrees. The bowl with a capacity of 4.5 liters is perfect for meals for up to eight people. In addition to the integrated chopper, there are also accessories for cutting and grating, a compartment for steaming with a volume of 7.2 liters and a free app with over 150 recipes, which may not be available in German.

Price: 441.10 euros

Models from 500 euros

Krups Prep & Cook XL

Many devices often have a premium or XL version. In most cases, they have more features or even better performance. These include, for example, iPhones, which are often also available as a Pro version, but also for kitchen appliances such as Krups’ Prep & Cook If this is the case. The bowl has a capacity of three liters, offers 12 automatic programs and one manual mode, provides six accessories and makes cooking for up to ten people possible. There are also turbo and impulse buttons as well as an Ultrablade universal knife, a Kent and grinding knife, a beating and mixing attachment, a mixing attachment, a steamer insert and a schnitzel mechanism. There is also a recipe book with 300 recipe ideas and a free Prep&Cook app with additional recipes.

Price: Currently 599.99 euros, otherwise 949.00 euros

Taurus My Cook Touch

There are a total of 8000 recipes with him Taurus My Cook Touch to. You can do this in the 2-liter bowl at up to 140 degrees using the following two cooking modes: manual and guided mode. So you can either experiment yourself or work your way through the recipe with step-by-step instructions. The practical thing: The recipes show the nutritional information for fats, carbohydrates and proteins, giving you a quick overview of what is in the dishes and how nutritious they are. In addition, the device is dishwasher safe.

Price: 722.88 euros

Why are there also cheaper machines?

With its functions, the Thermomix from Vorwerk is the absolute favorite of many (hobby) cooks, but the alternatives are in no way inferior to the all-rounder. Be it unusual recipes, large-capacity bowls, multiple cooking modes or your own app – alternative products also have a lot to offer. What distinguishes them, however, are certain features or types of processing. Some lack the connection to the smartphone, others save on accessories and others limit the number of cooking modes to a small number. The fact of the matter is that for someone who needs a little inspiration and help with cooking and general food prep, a more affordable model will do the trick.

How do I clean such a kitchen appliance?

Since all models are motorized, they must be cleaned by hand. The best way to do this is with a cloth and some washing-up liquid. Only the accessories that you can remove are dishwasher safe in most cases. Further and individual information on this is best found in the operating instructions.

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