Thermomix TM6: essential accessories to buy on the Vorwerk website

It’s a small shake-up in the world of Vorwerk. While the manufacturer had always refused to sell its devices other than at home, its Thermomix TM6 has recently been available online. And the same goes of course for the accessories, among which are some essentials.

Who hasn’t got their brushes tangled because of the unique bowl delivered by Vorwerk? While it had to be washed between each preparation, it is now possible to buy an additional one to make the task easier. This 2.2 l bowl is identical to the one supplied with the purchase of the robot and therefore has a lid, knives and a measuring cup. It is available at the price of 209 €.

A little more expensive, the TM Friend also allows you to take advantage of an additional bowl, but also of another base in order to cook different preparations simultaneously, or to duplicate a recipe to cook in large quantities and circumvent the low capacity (2 .2 l) of TM6. However, not all of the features of the latter are available on the TM Friend.

Thermomix owners may have noticed the impossibility of replacing the lid seal, as it is for example possible to do with the Cook Expert from Magimix. If the latter lacks tightness, it is therefore mandatory to change it as a whole. Obviously, this lid is also available for sale online, at €22.90. It is compatible with both TM6 and TM5.

Finally, to maintain the very good performance of the TM6, the blades must be very sharp. Resistant to preparations up to 160°, they are suitable for high temperature preparations and are installed at the bottom of the bowl. The user can chop and puree ingredients by rotating the knives clockwise, while counter-rotating stirs food without crushing it. To replace the blades, it will cost around sixty euros.

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