Thermomix vs Monsieur Cuisine Connect: Lidl wins appeal

The Classico between Lidl and Thermomix continues in Spain. Sentenced at first instance by the commercial court, Lidl finally won its appeal hearing against Vorwerk, manufacturer of the Thermomix. On January 13, 2022, the Spanish courts found that “the patent on which Vorwek relied to impute [à Lidl] violation of his rights is void for various reasons”. Recall of facts.

A year ago, the Barcelona Commercial Court, seized by Vorwerk – manufacturer of the Thermomix – had indeed condemned Lidl to withdraw its connected cooking robot from sale. Pointed out for having been very largely inspired by the Thermomix in order to manufacture and sell its Monsieur Cuisine at a knockdown price, the brand had to “stop importing, stocking, offering and marketing” its inexpensive food processor.

Insofar as Lidl’s connected food processor “does not replicate certain features of the Vorwerk product”, the distributor can now market its Monsieur Cuisine Connect again in Spain.

Revenge with Monsieur Cuisine Smart

Following the Spanish verdict, Lidl France wanted to be reassuring and replied that “this court decision is specific to the Spanish courts and does not apply in France”. This is in particular the reason why, shortly before the Christmas holidays, the retailer had drawn a new version of its connected cooking robot. Sold at €399, the Monsieur Cuisine Smart was presented as a corrected and more complete version. Despite a sale price more expensive than that of the Monsieur Cuisine Connect (+50 €), the success was once again there. A few hours were enough for the Monsieur Cuisine Smart to be out of stock.

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