These 10 Qualities Make a Woman Extremely Attractive, According to Psychology

What if certain qualities can make you more attractive? How is female beauty evaluated and what makes one woman more attractive than another? According to this psychologist, ten specific qualities could make a woman more desirable and it has nothing to do with looks!

For a large majority of people, physical beauty is one of the first criteria that comes to mind when asking what makes a woman more attractive. A sculptural body? A face that melts? Or even deep and mysterious eyes? However, physical beauty is a fairly subjective question, what one person will find beautiful, azure blue eyes or a curvy woman, another will not necessarily find. Cultural differences also play a role, Asians will prefer women with a milky complexion and a slim figure, while North African countries like women with shapes.

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But if the physical criterion is completely subjective, other more universal markers having nothing to do with external appearance can be factors of attractiveness. Attraction is therefore not always just a question of appearance and certain inner qualities can make you shine in society and make you more desirable than another woman with a more attractive physique. Several psychologists have delved into the subject and revealed to us these 10 qualities or personality traits that make women more attractive.


If there’s one statement that’s true, intelligence is sexy. Who has never fantasized about the shy geek with glasses, but who solves everything with his extreme intelligence? So it’s the same for women! There is nothing more attractive than a woman who knows what she wants, where she is going, who loves to learn more and who knows her stuff.

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A study carried out by researchers at Western Sydney University in Australia has also highlighted the link between intelligence and a person’s attractiveness. According to the results of this study, men tend to prioritize intelligence especially when looking for a lasting and serious relationship. An intelligent woman who is able to hold conversations on a variety of different topics that show that she is engaged in the world around her, witty and insightful is therefore much more sexy and attractive than another woman .

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Intelligent women are generally much more likely to have more self-confidence. While excess self-confidence can have the opposite effect, a confident person is simply attractive. Just ask yourself whether you will be more attracted to a person who enters a room confidently and elegantly or a clumsy person who wonders what they are doing there and you will have the answer.

A criterion that has been validated by many psychologists in their research. When it comes to self-confidence, women and men are on the same level, they equally value this quality in their potential partner.

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You probably think that the status of damsel in distress is more attractive to men, think again! While this may be a stereotype enjoyed by some men, generally independence is a much more attractive trait.

Women who know what they want, who have their own interests, passions, thoughts and who are not afraid to follow their dream on their own have a much higher level of attraction. Another thought supports this idea: when an independent woman loves, she loves for what it means and because she wants to be with the person concerned, not because she has to be.

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Kindness is undoubtedly one of the traits that makes a woman most attractive. If some Hollywood films sell “mean girls» like attractive women, psychology says the complete opposite.

A nice person may even appear more physically beautiful than a less nice person. A criterion that is comforting in knowing that many people place more value on the character traits of another rather than their physical beauty.


If open-mindedness can be related to intelligence, according to psychology it constitutes a quality in its own right when it comes to making a woman more attractive. It is more pleasant to talk with a woman who knows how to see things from different angles, open to new ideas, than someone who is closed in her thoughts, who always wants to be right.

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Open-mindedness also highlights a second, equally important trait: humility. A mature person, capable of understanding others, is more attractive than another. A trait highlighted by personal development coach Tim Denning who states: “open-mindedness is the only hack that can make you seem different from everyone, on another level, portray you as empathetic and above all it makes you an optimist by default“.

The sense of humor

It’s hard not to succumb to a woman who laughs and doesn’t take herself seriously. Much research has proven that humor is an attractive trait in a person in many different ways. If women like it when men make them laugh, men prefer it when women laugh at their jokes.

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It’s hard not to succumb to a woman who laughs and doesn’t take herself seriously. Much research has proven that humor is an attractive trait in a person in many different ways. If women like it when men make them laugh, men prefer it when women laugh at their jokes.


If we become more serious with age, for many men playfulness remains a criterion that makes a woman exceptionally attractive. Anyone who is able to make people forget the problems and gloom of everyday life will have the advantage of being more irresistible than another person.

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A character trait validated by researchers at Penn State University who discovered that men were more attracted to this type of woman, who knows how to instill a life of pleasure and who reminds us that, whatever the age, it It is important to enjoy and discover the world enthusiastically.


Another attractive trait that psychologists highlight in women is passion. Have you ever noticed that when you listen to a woman (or anyone for that matter) talk about a subject with passion lighting up her face, you automatically find her more attractive?

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It is almost impossible not to feel attracted to this type of profile, especially when the excitement is contagious and it makes us want to know more even if it is a subject that initially did not interest us. All !


Resilience is one of the most important criteria when it comes to knowing how to face life’s daily challenges. A woman who shows courage, optimism and some emotional intelligence is going to be much more attractive. It’s a reality, no one wants a partner who doesn’t hold up to initial failures.

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For psychologist Madelyn Blair, resilience is related to “our ability to find a path to beauty from shock or disruption“. An admirable strength of character, but also and above all definitely attractive!


Finally, there is one personality trait that makes a woman exceptionally attractive: her authenticity. While some people play chameleons and adapt to give their best during their first encounters, it has been proven time and time again that this is not the best strategy. Being yourself is much more appreciated by men than playing a role.

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A big part of being authentic is that you have confidence in yourself. A quality found in those that make a woman more attractive. Even more so, authenticity means that you are willing to make yourself vulnerable in a relationship. When a woman is willing to share who she truly is, she conveys a desire to connect with another while allowing them the opportunity to be themselves as well. Honesty that is hard to resist!

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