These 10 travel destinations are twice as worthwhile!

Goethe, Gropius, Gauweiler? One knows. Because men wrote history for millennia and women were often overlooked. But if you pay attention, you will always come across the traces of great women: activists, artists, adventurers, pioneers and many others whose names are partly familiar to us, but partly have remained unnoticed for far too long.

The Lonely Planet illustrated book "In Her Footsteps – Journeys to Extraordinary Women" celebrates the merits of women across the centuries. It serves as an eye opener for female achievements and is at the same time a travel guide around the world.

Angela Merkel appears in it, as do Michelle Obama, Edith Piaf, Marie Curie or Nefertiti. But we also get to know influential women and their places of work that we have never heard of. "The women in this book should be role models for us. They inspire and encourage us to follow our very own paths in life," it says in the introduction to the book. Let's get on our way! Here we show ten travel destinations on the trail of inspiring women.