These 2 canned foods are as rich in protein as a steak

Proteins are essential macronutrients for our health. They help preserve our muscle capital but also reduce appetite by creating a feeling of satiety, unlike carbohydrates. To maintain a stable weight or lose a few kilos, it is therefore advisable to eat it regularly. 2 foods that are easy to include in your meals are particularly rich in protein.

Proteins are molecules composed of basic elements called amino acids which are essential for the proper functioning of the body. However, the human body does not know how to produce them, so it is important to consume them to stay healthy. They are, in a way, the “building blocks of the body” because they make it possible to build muscle and maintain organs.
They also have an important role in our hormonal and immune system while ensuring the maintenance of lean mass to the detriment of lean mass.

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Proteins are present in many foods, and not just in meat products (meat, cold cuts). Protein sources are ultimately quite variedand even vegetarians are also able to meet their protein needs thanks to vegetable proteins.
However, two very common canned foods have the advantage of having a high protein level which is beneficial for your health.

A small fish that is easy to prepare

According to Alexandra Retion, dietician-nutritionist, fatty fishare very interesting because they are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, essential for the proper functioning of our body and having anti-inflammatory effects.” However, a small fish very common in the Mediterranean, which is very often eaten grilled in Portugal, but which is most often found in cans, is not only rich in protein but also in omega 3…. Let’s end the suspense. It’s the sardine!

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4 or 5 small canned sardines (100g) cover our daily omega 3 needs. They are interesting for their iron content, necessary for the proper functioning of our cells.and selenium, a mineral that boosts the immune system, and vitamins A, B and E. Finally, canned sardines are a source of vitamin D.” explained the specialist to Top Health.

The other canned food rich in protein

The National Health Nutrition Program (PNS) recommends consuming oily fish twice a week, including oily fish once a week.underlines the dietitian-nutritionist. And the other fatty fish that she recommends, in addition to sardines, for its high protein content but also other nutritional qualities, is mackerel!

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Canned, sardines and mackerel retain all the nutritional qualities of fresh fish. explains Alexandra Retion. According to her,100 grams of canned mackerel or sardines provide on average 20g of protein, which is equivalent to the protein level of a steak. But 100 grams of these two canned fish also allows “ to cover our daily needs for omega 3 and vitamin D” specifies the dietician-nutritionist.

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