these 2 long cuts are perfect for enhancing the face after 50 (they are very elegant)

After 50, the choice of haircut is very important since according to hairdressing experts, a cut can enhance the face by emphasizing the desired areas. So here are 2 anti-aging hairstyles perfect after 50.

As a woman gets older, beauty experts always recommend to adapt the hairstyle and makeup with this advancement in time. In fact, at 50, a woman no longer has the same hair as she did at 20. Hair can become thinner in certain areas and the lack of collagen can make it thin and brittle.

Hence the interest in adapting your haircut to the appearance of your hair. In fact, certain haircuts are more suitable for women aged 50 and over, since they naturally restore volume to the hair mass while drawing attention to the parts of the face that highlight a mature woman. . And being over 50 doesn’t mean you have to give up on long hair! So, here is two ideal haircuts after 50.

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The long Shaggy cut

The shaggy cut is a “amazing cut, known for its versatility”, says celebrity hairstylist Gina Rivera. And the shaggy cut on long hair, as Jennifer Lopez often wears, offers “beautiful variations for long and short hair”. The hair expert also explains that “adding bangs can add a new surprise to this look.” In fact, the unstructured fringes are “often used to frame the face and more particularly to give it a youthful appearance”, as hairstylist Ghanima Abdullah explains.

Before adding that fringe “also makes your hair appear thicker and is a great way to add volume to thinning hair.” This haircut “also suitable for women who want to hide thinning hair in the front.” The shaggy cut is ideal for women who have natural hair wavy or curly. If your hair is very straight, it would be better to opt for the Rachel cut.

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The Rachel cut

The Rachel cut is the iconic cut that Jennifer Aniston wears in Friends. However, the actress revealed that she never liked this haircut! And if you like it, great because it is perfect for women over 50. “Longer side bangs and face-framing highlights, a la Jennifer Aniston, can also give a more youthful appearance by drawing the eye to the facial features”, explains Gina Rivera. The expert adds that this cut gives a fresher and more youthful appearance.

And if you want to keep your hair long after 40, Gina Rivera recommends layering the strands that frame the face to avoid looking “weighed down” and dull. The expert emphasizes that“an additional choice is to shorten the hair to the collarbone or above” to create a certain texture in “adding subtle layers to soften.”

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