These 2 very simple tips are perfect if your new leather shoes hurt you

When new, leather shoes can sometimes be painful. Fortunately, there are simple tips to “relax” them and wear them without pain. Here are two to try!

Collecting pairs of shoes is good but having good quality shoes is even better. that’s why it is often recommended to focus on leather shoes. Considered a noble material, leather is indeed synonymous with long life, comfort and chic for all shoes, from pumps and moccasins to ballerinas and summer sandals.

However, when worn for the first time, leather shoes can sometimes be painful. The friction of the leather on the foot can then cause minor pain or even burns or blisters, which makes them impossible to wear. No question of leaving these shoes at the bottom of the closet, you just need to use a few tips to “relax” and soften the leather and thus be able to wear them smoothly. Here are two techniques spotted on TikTok that you can rely on to get back on track with your new pair of shoes.

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New and painful leather shoes: the freezer technique to gain half a size

Each time you purchase a new pair of leather shoes, an adaptation time is necessary before you can be fully comfortable. The problem is not your foot or a shoe size problem, it’s simply because leather is a material that is flexible but initially very rigid. Know that it is not obligatory to suffer martyrdom by attacking until the leather relaxes. Thanks to TikTok and more particularly thanks to a video published by the influencer @Alyssia1609today we (re)discover two simple tips for being comfortable in a pair of leather shoes.

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The first tip requires to have a freezer ! To try to relax the leather and therefore gain a half or a size, take a freezer bag or a plastic bag that you will fill with water. Close the bag to obtain a water bag and insert this bag into your pair of shoes as if this bag were replacing your foot. Make sure that the pocket takes up all the space in the space. Then place your pair of shoes with the pockets in them, in the freezer overnight. The next day, simply remove the pocket becomes a giant ice cube which, as it hardens, will pull on the leather to expand it. Now enlarged, your shoes should no longer be as painful as before.

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New and painful leather shoes: the hairdryer technique to instantly relax the leather

Remember that pain from new leather shoes can come from several reasons. If the rigidity of the leather is one of them, also know that the shape of the shoe can also have an impact. Indeed, each foot is unique and sometimes the shape of the leather shoe may not perfectly match the shape of your foot. This can create pressure points and discomfort.

To reduce pain and make your leather shoes more comfortable, we test thea second technique which this time requires having a hair dryer ! For softening faster than the freezer, put on a pair of big, thick socks. Put on your shoes and heat everything with the heat of your hairdryer for several minutes. Once heated, the leather should then relax instantly and the fact of having occupied the space with the big socks will make it possible to slightly enlarge the space and take the shape of your foot.

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