These 3 alcoholic drinks are the most “skin-friendly”

Beer, wine or cocktails?
These 3 alcoholic drinks are the most “skin-friendly”

Alcohol draws moisture out of the body and this becomes apparent on the skin pretty quickly.


The weekend is just around the corner and you want to enjoy it with a drink or two? Find out which drinks are the most likely to avoid a nasty surprise on the “morning after”.

The cozy glass of red wine on the couch, cocktails with friends or a beer in the pub? Even if many of us try to avoid alcohol as much as possible during the week, there are usually one or two occasions for a (or two …) drink on the weekend.

Enjoy alcohol – without pimples the next morning?

We are well aware that this is not particularly healthy – and that is noticeable pretty quickly with pimples and blackheads on the face. But there are definitely differences when it comes to alcoholic beverages and some are more “skin-friendly” than others. You can find out what these are in the video.

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